Yoroi restore reporting incorrect balance

Hi All, I restored my Yoroi wallet and the balance is incorrect. I thought it was just an error, but it turns out that the balance, address, and transaction history is the same as my Nami wallet that I used to do some Sundaeswapping last spring. In particular I can see the transactions between the Nami wallet and one of the Yoroi addresses that I recall. Several associated addresses are under a single stake key that reports what I recall to be my Yoroi balance and also my correct stake pool. Yes, the recovery phrases are stored separately, clearly labeled, and I did not confuse them. Can anyone help with this? Sorry if this has a well-known solution; I’ve spent quite a while searching and contacted Emurgo for help but have come up with nothing. Thanks!

If that is the case then you have given the seed phrase for that Nami wallet and not for the Yoroi wallet.

No other possibility for that behaviour! Really!

If you have two, please just try the other one! Really!

I would try to restore it on Eternl (or Typhon) and double check the wallet balance on cardanoscan.io.

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I did that too, thanks. Both wallets. But it says the same thing.

And how is the balance on cardanoscan.io?

I did some swapping between the two wallets since Yoroi didn’t have the dapp connector earlier this year. My recovery phrases were recorded 9 months apart and they’re clearly labeled as to which is which. I’ve tried restoring each multiple times with the results I’ve already summarized. I understand this sounds incredible, but is it possible that something got fouled up between the two wallets even if it’s just something at the browser level? Thanks for your help.

Not really possible. Same seed phrases always recover same wallets.

Must have been a mix-up on the seed phrase level (although you deem it impossible). If you get the transaction history with transactions you know you did from Nami then it is the seed phrase you were using in Nami. Hence, the other wallet you had in Yoroi must have had a different seed phrase.