No funds or assets in NAMI wallet after restoring it on Chrome extension

I copy and pasted from diffent thread, because the thread seems dead, so didn’t get reply.

I was asked to update NAMI wallet to new version on Chrome, I deleted and reinstalled with my seed phrase that is right. It has give me a brand new wallet with no funds or assets, and a new wallet address.

Anyone find a solution to this? tried adalite nothing there, when I restored the wallet it is different to my previous wallet address. When I put my previous NAMI address in 1 I can see my funds. Not sure how u regenerate a different address, surely the 24 seed phrase wouldn’t work as they are my seed for previous wallet. Surely there a way of getting my funds back?

Also my seed phrase is correct.

Previous wallet address


Can see my funds on 1

If you get another wallet, then either it is not the right seed phrase or you have used the subaccount functionality – “+ New Account” in the Nami menu – and your funds are not in the main wallet, but in a subaccount.

Seeing the funds on Cardanoscan is unfortunately not a guarantee that you can access them. You need to find the right seed phrase or the right account under a seed phrase.

Hello @Lozfitz18

Who asked you to do this? My Nami wallet updates automatically ever since I installed it. Never had to delete/ reinstall and I had it for a while. Plus Nami has no customer support channels to tell people to do anything.

Did you make sure you downloaded a real Nami. There is a fake one going around.

If you are not 100% sure about any one of things above I recommend:

  1. You create a new wallet (make sure it’s from official source).
  2. Recover your old wallet with seed phrase in Yoroi (make sure it’s official) Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano
  3. Click ‘Send All Assets’ to a new wallet from Yoroi (make sure the address is correct before hitting send).
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