My coin isn’t reflecting on trust wallet but seen on cardano network

EXPLANATION OF MY ISSUE :- I sent CARDANO(ADA) crypto from my other wallet to my trust wallet address yesterday a sum of 3 ADA AND 2500 ADA totalling 2503 ADA altogether since yesterday at around 09:05am and 09:21am respectively at my time …After seconds which I sent, both showed under the transaction history and up till this moment it haven’t relflected under the main balance which is strange it’s over 24 hours now …I’ll write down all informations regarding my wallet down now so you can help me find solution to this immediately pls .Thanks

Can you please post the transaction id and your receiving address here? Maybe its simply a syncing error with trust wallet.

In that case you could simply restore your wallet on another litewallet like Typhon with your seedphrase.

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Im not sure where you got that receiving address from, but it seems like thats your receiving address addr1q8y44hyghlkewh54jknst8f0jc3ndr2tusz59zj78tw92m2dang2xns9lsh8nre3zeu9mhsx04zzwwc7utg302xzyz0qdl7w2e

i do see both transcations here.

So as i said, its probably just a syncing error on Trust wallet and i do recommand restoring your wallet on Typhon or Eternl or simply reach out to Trust wallet support.

So I should not fear my coins are safu?

If thats your wallet (Address addr1vynxr7rvpz0uy0z70zsng7kcq8885tz8ywhe5jxrv7kpqsqdkgu77 - Cardanoscan), then yes.

Yeah so its most likely just a sycing issue on the side of Trust wallet. Is there like a way to force the wallet to resync? If so id do that.

I’ll reimport it into Etherl I think whenever I’m ready once I do that I should be able to see my coin right

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Yep exactly.

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Okay its just one of the many receiving addresses you have but since there is no stake key, its hard to be sure that this address belongs to you. But as i said, it seems fine as it is.

Hello Sir I am having a similar issue related to a transaction wherein I have sent 49.3 ada from an exchange to trust wallet but it is not showing in my trust wallet although the transaction has been completed. Upon further inspection in cardano scan I could find that the wallet address which I have used does have that coin but the 49.3 ada have been shifted to controlled stake key wallet address . How can I retrieve those tokens back to my wallet address ? Regards .

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Hello sir

Please help . I was send some ada from binance to trust wallet… using ada network…in the trust wallet show received transaction but ada balance not update it’s still zero.
Below some address

Sender address. addr1v804tgee0m3ww7z93zh64wr9flqh9psdhnxg6cykfudgulg6f633p

Please can you please give me any suggestions…I am very confused… please

Its likely a syncing issue because the funds are on that address as you can see here : Address addr1qy55jn473as7ne9005yjz6tfkxdzd828atmd7pd2h84uxf370ju0gqj394agp2m23lqqz4rj4h25zzfeggnj928902jqchp7mt - Cardanoscan

So try to resync the wallet (im not familiar with Trust wallet to be fair) or restore the wallet in a other software wallet like Typhon (not 100% sure if compatible).

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hello sir . Thank you so much . It’s now show my ada balance… thank you so much one’s again… appreciate your guidance.

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hello sir the same is with me what should i do now how to recover my funds?

Please check here : Current Trust wallet issue