Digest: November 13, 2023: Cardano Summit 2023 Recap, Accessing Cardano Blockchain Data with Ledger Sync, Messari's State of Cardano Q3 2023

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Recap Of The Cardano Summit 2023

We are delighted to present a brief summary of the Cardano Summit 2023 that took place recently in Dubai. The event took place over a period of three days, encompassing a range of activities like the Networking soirée on Day 0, followed by 35 different sessions on Day 1 featuring contributions from over 55 speakers. The first day of the Summit concluded with a desert dining experience, which served traditional Middle Eastern dishes coupled with several entertaining acts. Day 2 featured over 35 sessions led by 70 speakers. The summit concluded with the Gala Awards Dinner.

Below, we have curated a collection of recordings from the main stage events to allow easy access to the summit’s highlights. Via the app and our website you will also be able to rewatch all available content.





Via our Youtube channel you can view all sessions from the main stage and pitch arena.

We are currently working on a summary of the Day 2 Masterclass sessions, which will be featured in the next Community Digest.

Accessing Cardano Blockchain Data with Ledger Sync

The Cardano Foundation’s Engineering Team has recently taken on the work of developing a Java-based data provisioning tool called Ledger Sync, which gives access to Cardano blockchain data. Ledger Sync aims to provide data completeness similar to Cardano DB Sync but in a widely used programming language, offering reliability and high availability.

Ledger Sync is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. It addresses challenges in efficiently retrieving data from the Cardano blockchain and offers an alternative to db-sync. The tool’s design goals include implementing network mini protocols in Java, enabling scale-out architectures, and providing a node-independent version of treasury calculations.

The Foundation encourages the community to try Ledger Sync, providing continuous maintenance and inviting feedback for collaborative improvement. The goal is to define standards for decentralized data APIs and foster greater enterprise adoption of Cardano. See our Forum post for more details.

State of Cardano Q3 2023 | Messari

State of Cardano Q3 2023 | Messari

Messari’s latest Q3 2023 State of Cardano report has recently been released. The report covers key metrics like Cardano’s TVL, iUSD, and DJED stablecoin, including bridged versions of USDT and USDC. It addresses topics such as Project Catalyst Fund 10, the Voltaire governance phase, staking, SPOs, Mithril, SanchoNet, DeFi, Sidechains, Hydra, and more.

In addition to the State of Cardano Q3 2023 report, Mesari has released a comprehensive State of L1s Q3 2023 report. This publication aggregates and compares the financial, network, and ecosystem performances of sixteen Layer-1s, Cardano included.

Other Cardano Related News

  • Cointelegraph recently did an interview with Jeremy Firster, Global Head of Enterprise at the Cardano Foundation. In this interview Jeremy spoke about the diverse projects thriving on the Cardano blockchain, including DApps, financial services, and governance solutions -things that are attracting global attention.
  • The Cardano Summit 2023 continues to receive coverage online. In an interview with Web3TV, Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard discussed the Summit and the Cardano Foundation’s role in shaping the blockchain landscape.
  • The Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA), a community-driven advocacy organization for proof-of-stake technology, has released an updated version of its staking guidelines. The Alliance hopes that the guidelines will give regulators, such as the SEC, the clarity to regulate the crypto staking industry without hindering its growth. The guidelines have been endorsed by several stakeholders in the crypto industry, such as Coinbase and Ava Labs.
  • DailyCoin recently conducted an interview with Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation. In this interview Fred goes deep into Cardano’s Governance and explains a bit what happens after Voltaire and what role he envisions for the Cardano Foundation.
  • Speaking at the Cardano Summit 2023, Kriss Baird of Cardano’s Project Catalyst spoke with Cointelegraph about the role of decentralized platforms in democratizing crypto funding initiatives. Baird argued that decentralized funding initiatives provide a platform for crypto holders to voice their ideas and concerns in a manner resembling a “direct democracy.”
  • Speaking at the Cardano Summit 2023, Emurgo’s Amar Singh has said that he anticipates that Cardano will gain more recognition in the coming years, and revealed plans for Emurgo to continue to build on real-world adoption moving forward.
  • The USDM fiat backed stablecoin is expected to launch on 19 December 2023.
  • A recent rumor that had been circulating in the Cardano Community for some time regarding IOG’s acquisition of Nami Wallet has now been officially confirmed by IOHK.
  • Charles Hoskinson, has expressed interest in partnering with Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, who wants to launch their own layer-2 blockchain network, as a strategy for a potential alternative revenue stream or as an extension of their current services .

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Recently held Meetups

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Spotlight for Community-Built Tools

The Developer Portal was created to foster a home for developers dedicated to building tools and services on Cardano. The platform allows developers to not only collaborate on projects but also to showcase their works.

With the vision of evolving into a reliable resource, the Developer Portal aims to serve as a go-to destination where users can discover tools to meet their specific requirements.

Furthermore, community projects currently operational on the mainnet are warmly encouraged to integrate their initiatives into the Developer Portal.

Recently added:

  • Pluto: An untyped Plutus Core assembler.
  • VESPR Wallet: VESPR is a non-custodial mobile light wallet for the Cardano network, prioritizing the security and safety of your digital assets while ensuring exceptional ease-of-use. Your private keys and assets always remain under your control.
  • DexHunter: DexHunter is a decentralized exchange aggregator with real-time alerts and an easy to use interface.

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