Current Trust wallet issue

We did notice that there is a Trust wallet issue where Cardano users arent able to withdraw their funds.

There is a simple solution to solve that issue if you still have your seedphrase (12 words).

Simply use a litewallet which supports Cardano List of Wallets - Support FAQ and restore your wallet there with your seedphrase.

If you are using a hardware wallet, you dont have to use your seedphrase. Just connect your hardware wallet with one of the wallet apps from the list above.

My personal recommendation : Typhon Wallet for computer users and Eternl or Vespr for mobile users.

Please remember you dont have to move funds from one wallet to another if you restored your keys with the seedphrase. Once you successfully restored your wallet, you should see your full transaction history, your funds, your staking information.

!!! Please be always careful when entering your seedphrase somewhere. !!!


Should remind these Staking Funds moved to another address. Only seeing awarded ADA coins. Ada Balance 0 - #15 by Zyroxa


Fix the Cardano staking problem it’s still a problem I can’t use my crypto and I can’t trust your platform anymore a lot of users can’t of march 25th 2024 it’s still a problem

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This has nothing to do with Cardano. Just restore your wallet on and you will have access to your funds.


Very sorry for the trouble you encountered. However, I would like to confirm that this is an error belonging to the Trust wallet platform. I and millions of other users have been using our ADA normally for the past few years. Your problem can be solved as follows:
Use your secret phrase and restore it via other Cardano wallets.
P/s: Please use native Cardano wallets to get the best experience with the Cardano blockchain.

Hope this help :slightly_smiling_face:

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