Problem with Cardano wallet on Trust wallet


I faced problem with Trust wallet and my cardano blockchain funds there.

Some time ago I transferred ADA to my TW on cardano wallet, after that I transferred ADA to MinWallet multiple times. Few days ago I transfered all coins (ADA and other cardano based coins) from MinWallet (they support only ‘withdraw all’ in phone web browser) to my ADA TW address. After that transaction (Transaction 45626a646aab0db6179b9abb16895e8a7b6c44b9b0ee5025e21fd1dce87ef499 - Cardanoscan) I could see the proper amount of ADA in TW, but I don’t see other coins there. Also I could not send ADA from TW anymore (receive is working), I got error ‘Invalid transaction’ all the time.
Does it seems only to me that cardano blockchain is not fully supported by TW, as only ADA could be seen, and also if I want to add custom token, there is no option to select cardano blockchain…

So, question, is it meant that TW ADA address could work also with other cardano blockchain coins or not? And how could I solve this issue?

Im also in communication with TW support team, but till now they didn’t found any problem, they suggested to delete application and re-establish TW…this didn’t help. I wrote to MinSwap, but they didn’t reply.

I have also tried to import TW cardano wallet to adalite with my 12 words seedphrase - it didn’t show anything because TW is Shelley version, right? Is any other option to restore Shelley wallet with 12 seedphrase words?

As I found and read content on cardano forum, I think this is the right place here to ask :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Quite possible that Trust Wallet does not support native tokens and therefore also cannot send anymore, since there are now native tokens on that address that it does not know how to handle.

Fortunately, Trust Wallet seems to use the standard key derivation algorithm and path of Cardano. So, you can just import your wallet in or and your ADA and your native tokens should show up.

(Adalite does not work, because – as you already guessed – it assumes 12 words to be a Daedalus Byron wallet … which is not a very smart assumption, since seed phrase length is pretty independent of key derivation and era.)

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Cool, thank you very much!

Transfered from TW cardano address other native tokens (via typhon) and sending ADA from TW works gain. Will insist on TW for full cardano network support for better UX :slight_smile:

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Be aware of Trust Wallet.
Its security is a fake.
Someone from the other side of the world get into my wallet and make a transfer and emptied it.
They leave it in CERO.
All the stuff of the 12 words and all that is futil.
Anyone with some expertise could get into and fuck yourself.
I contact the support of TW and security and they wash their hands.
A lot of explanations of what you cant do but theres no explanation of how a person from the other side of the world can access your wallet and emptied without any warning or security protocol.

Yes you are correct. Today 12/11/2023 all my coins were emptied from trust wallet. Please stay off from trust wallet as it is false security. I lots many thousands of dollars today