My ADA token refuse to display on my trust wallet

Please! I need someone to help me here. I transferred ADA from binance to trust wallet using the ADA (Cardano) smart chain. The transaction was successful as I could see it in the blockchain explorer using the Trix ID and my TWT receiving address. Still, the token refuse to display in my trust wallet. I decide to uninstall my trust wallet app and re-install the app and then import my wallet with my phrase, this time I couldn’t see the ADA token that was initially displaying whc I transferred there 2month back (which was visible b4 I uninstalled the app) and also the token I transferred from binance. Infact, my trust wallet refuse to display my Ada token (it says zero) but my balance is displayed in the blockchain explorer. Please I really need help on this :pray::pray:

Trust wallet sometimes has problems with their backend. Only Trust’s support can really help you with that.

But: You can just import your wallet with the seed phrase in Eternl or Typhon and should see your wallet contents there.

Did you confirm the cardano network you used on trust wallet?

Hi. It sounds like you’re using the Binance smart chain, not the Cardano blockchain. You’ve mentioned TWT (a binance token) and Trix ID (not sure what that is. If you have bought Binance Ada it’s just a token made by binance which is pegged to the price of ada and you will have to contact Binance for support with this. When they have helped you out I would suggest selling it and buying proper ada which comes with all the utility of the Cardano blockchain and access to a very supportive community.

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Information reaching me that this guy stole the cardano from an un-suspected twitter user. Am still trying to confirm this.

Which guy? What?

@osarosilva10 he stole those cardano tokens from someone on twitter yesterday. Came here to ask how to cash it out

Do you have any circumstantial evidence for that claim?

We haven’t even seen a transaction ID or address from them.

And the question was about a transaction from Binance to a wallet, not the other way round.