Please help me

Im unable to withdraw ada from trust to binance both are on ADA network when I trt to withdraw i get The data couldn’t be read because it is missing. Code:


If u paste the cardano wallet address from TRUST on do u see the correct balance?


Isnt using Trust wallet the Binance Chain network?

Please help me im panicking about to cry its my saving money the balance is shown in trust wallet just unable to withdraw it

Yes i can see it just can’t withdraw it

No there’s Ada network

addr1qx9tfhp6c69chzwgjya0zwkrr2w7dm8pmtc269kqxt4sz5lwj5xu5lek0uv5wl86xd4qcp97j4u255dgjru3yptu0yvqzz8lne This is my address please help me please

Id recommand getting in contact with the Trust support as it seems like this is a issue on their end.

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Do you think i have to wait 24 hours after the deposit then withdraw it?

Don’t panic, be calm and contact the trust support team… everything should be fine

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Theyre nor replying

It will take hours …maybe 1 day … try to withdraw after 24 hours… if not working wait for the trust team reply

So ur saying this might be normal and it will take time? Ur about to make me calm bro

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Just calm down and wait and don’t provide the keys wallet to nobady

Im having the same issue so it may be trust wallet issue

@Zyroxa : last year they have the ADA as a peg-token in BNB, but I just read that starting from July 2022, they supported Cardano blockchain too.

@Agnum : I hope you can move your ADA from Trust wallet to Binance soon :pray:t2:

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Yes, seems they support natively and also in self-custody, but use a different key derivation (I’d suppose master key rather than path, but after I have seen the abomination that is Exodus’ derivation, I would not be surprised if it is something totally different):

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The tips is when things are not sure, try sending small amount first. Only send all your balance when all are confirmed.

Another wallet which is 3S Wallet ( has Cardano supported natively, you can try out this wallet to see if you can transfer ADA to Binance.
Disclaimer: I am the dev of this wallet. If the forum rules do not allow mentioning other products, please let me know. many thanks.

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Thank you for being so exemplary open about it!

I cannot see what would contradict letting it stand. We are constantly recommending our favourite wallet apps here (although moderators tend to give a whole list of options most of the time), so I wouldn’t want to make it too hard for other wallet apps than the usual ones to enter that.

I personally do not know your app, haven’t used it, and cannot guarantee legitimacy, but I just installed it and it looks good on first sight.

…, but: In the other thread, you were asking about the different derivation methods of Yoroi (and other Cardano wallet apps) and Trust Wallet. I just installed your app and it happily restored an old, empty Yoroi wallet of mine and its transaction history.

Did you find out which derivation method Trust Wallet uses and does your app implement that in addition to the usual Cardano method?

Otherwise, it wouldn’t really help the original poster to get their ADA off a Trust Wallet. …

Yeah, 3S Wallet is quite immature. We are still developing it and still need a lot of improvements.

Simply just want to give the original poster a solution to send native ADA to Binance because we have already successfully tested sending ADA to Binance ADA wallet addresses :slight_smile:

3S follows the derivation path of Trust Wallet which is defined here wallet-core/registry.json at master · trustwallet/wallet-core · GitHub. So yeah, the original poster can just simply import their ADA wallet from Trust using the seed phrase. Hope it will help.

Btw, it is interesting that you can import your Yoroi wallet into our app :slight_smile: We did not actually find out what is the method of Yoroi yet because we chose to follow Trust Wallet’s.

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