Digest March 18, 2024: Cardano Summit 2024 Main Stage Location Announced, Cardano Node Version 8.9.0 Released, A Spotlight on Stake Pools: ABLE

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Cardano Summit 2024 Main Stage Location Announced

The Cardano Foundation announced that the Cardano Summit 2024 will return to Dubai, UAE, from the 23rd to the 24th of October. Building on the success of previous editions, the Summit aims to connect global blockchain enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and inspiring innovation.

Dubai’s reputation as a leading crypto hub makes it logically an ideal host-city, showcasing its commitment to blockchain integration. With over 10,000 attendees expected both in person and virtually, the Cardano Summit serves as a platform to celebrate the Cardano ecosystem’s growth and inspire further advancements in blockchain technology. For more information, visit here.

New Cardano Node Version 8.9.0 Released

Cardano node version 8.9.0 has been released. By introducing Genesis Lite, also known as Bootstrap Peers, this release allows engineering teams to test early features of Ouroboros Genesis, enabling peers to bootstrap without relying on a trusted third party to provide their initial topology. It also enables nodes to connect to trusted peers when their chain falls behind, marking a significant stride towards transitioning to Ouroboros Genesis and advancing Cardano’s journey towards full peer-to-peer (P2P) node operations.

Notably, this update also addresses the “Blocks from the Future” issue. If a pool (un)consciously announces its blocks too early in the network, the other nodes now react with a conscious waiting time without distributing them further. For more information about the node release read here. For further insights into full P2P node operations, we invite you to explore the latest blog post from IOG by clicking here.

A Spotlight on Stake Pools: ABLE

The Cardano Foundation’s “Spotlight on Stake Pools” series highlights the pivotal role played by stake pool operators (SPOs) within the Cardano ecosystem. Each installment dives into the unique insights of a specific SPO, showcasing how the Cardano Foundation delegation has empowered them to continue their operations and initiatives.

This installment features the ABLE stake pool, led by Mike Hornan, who shares insights into ABLE’s journey, transparency, and contributions, including educational initiatives and translations. Mike also explains how the Cardano Foundation’s delegation has furthered his contributions to the ecosystem. Currently, Mike is working on Cardano-cli Study sheets and focusing on educational content surrounding Cardano’s on-chain Governance. Additionally, ABLE directs pool rewards toward purchasing tools for African communities, aiming to improve productivity and livelihoods. For the full story on ABLE’s contributions and Mike’s unique journey, read here.

Other Cardano Related News

  • CEO Frederik Gregaard Reflects on Cardano Foundation’s 2023 Activity Report. Read the full message here.
  • March 16th saw the Japanese Cardano community and Adam Dean host a successful governance event in Tokyo.
  • The Cardano Foundation has recently unveiled its redesigned website, in alignment with its new brand and design direction. We invite you to explore the updated site and stay tuned for additional pages to be revealed soon.
  • For the developers among you, here is an interesting thread from the Aiken Team. TLDR: The post explains the concept of property-based testing and how Aiken generates test cases and simplifies counterexamples. Aiken integrates fuzzers, which are used to generate test inputs. It also discusses Aiken’s integration of shrinkers and its approach of “Test-Case Reduction via Test-Case Generation,” which focuses on reducing the source of randomness. Additionally, it mentions Aiken’s support for labeling and its ability to represent counterexamples in familiar syntax despite originating from the Plutus VM.
  • On July 26th and 27th, there will be a Cardano Hackathon in Berlin, organized by NMKR and supported by IOG, Cardano Foundation, and Emurgo. The hackathon welcomes participants with diverse backgrounds to explore Cardano’s technology and develop innovative solutions. For more information, or to sign up for the event, click here.

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