Lost funds in trust wallet

It seems that iv lost Ada in trust wallet. They were on stake pool, Pool name is str8. When i enter trust wallet balance says 0, but when i check on cardano explorer with adress says its there any help, pls
Adress is addr1q9yrvtatuhrehdtu79awruv76rd3htxalzz2jv5xg77d5d8ezruqaauq499hpunt7g96xqwuulz8wpxp95kamywew87s0l2l03

There are still 458.127714 ADA on that address. Im not familiar with Trust wallet, but maybe its due some syncing error?

Yes i saw that they are still there. But nothing on trust. Dont know as well
First it did not let me to unstake or redelegate and afterwards it just made the balance to 0
Now its back just checked Dont know how but it looks so unreliable
Now its gone again

Sync issues… try later

Nothing left for me to do at this moment,
Except check later

If the funds are shown on explorer then its fine

It sounds relieving

Why are you not using one of the native wallets? There are so many solid and secure wallets for Cardano chain out there. Just because it has trust in the name does not mean anything.

Yep, Know that now
Until now there was no problems
But i guess there is always time for one

Can u suggest some maybe

Id recommand Typhon.

or check out this page : List of Wallets - Support FAQ

I will check them

Well, IOG, the developers of Lace spent some serious effort into security regarding the browser integration of the plugin. I also expect some light wallet development from IOG using Mithril technology.

I am having the same issue with trust wallet. It shows zero balance and when i refresh it than its fine than again refresh its all gone. The positive part is that if i check on Cardano scan i can see my balance still there. Reading the comments above i think its a glitch with Trust wallet. I hope they get this issue resolved

Yeah probably. I really recommand to use one of the “native” Cardano wallets like Typhon or Eternl.

Hi. I would recommend using a different wallet just for the fact that Trust wallet does not list all of the Cardano stake pools. There are about 3000 stake pools across the globe, trust wallet lists only about 10 of them and they charge stake pools a high fee to join, which is ridiculous. All of the ‘proper’ Cardano wallets list all of the stake pools automatically. Also, as you are now having problems maybe this is a god opportunity to move to a different wallet.

Your wallet is on the blockchain and these so called wallets are actually wallet interfaces that allow you to interact with your on-chain wallet. You can restore your wallet in a different wallet interface using your seed phrase or by pairing your hardware wallet. I think trust wallet uses a 12 word seed phrase, this is the list of words you were given when you initially set up your wallet. I know Eternl wallet supports 12 word seed phrases so you can simply install that and restore your wallet in Eternl. Once your wallet is restored in Eternl you will see all of your balances, transaction history, unclaimed staking rewards etc. There is no need to unstake or anything like that before restoring.