Cardano Wallet out of function

Sinve early August 2023 my Cardano Wallet is not working anymore. It does not sync.
The customer service recommended to import the wallet to another.
Today i importet the funds to coinbase wallet but no ADA is shown - total amout is 0$
What can do?
Please help

What wallet did you use?

I have my funds on cardano wallet but it fails to sync. Instead i tried coinbase wallet but none of the funds were transmitted…

Cardano-Wallet? The one at

Whoa, using that directly is one of the least user-friendly choices I could imagine.

If you used a 12-, 15-, or 24-word seed phrase with that, it should work in most/all wallet apps that are native to Cardano – Eternl, Typhon, Flint, …

Coinbase and other multi-chain wallets are not such a safe choice. Some are somehow compatible with what is usual with Cardano wallet apps, others not at all.

By the way: The forum blocks your answers, because your mail client adds spam for itself at the bottom. Can you somehow deactivate that? Or just answer on the forum itself instead of by mail?

Yoroi wallet or Daedalus cardano wallet?

Are you using Trust wallet? I’ve noticed similar posts from people using Trust wallet lately.

If it is Trust wallet then please see my reply here:

If it isn’t Trust wallet can you identify it from this list:

We were able to solve the issue. He was using cwallet and was able to restore his wallet in Typhon. :+1:t3:

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Hi my name is aman Can you please help me I have downloaded the sea Cwallet now that I have new phone I am trying to download but the App Store saying no longer have this Sim wallet app it doesn’t allow me to download it in the UK I have all my ADA inside the wallet I have the phrase code as well with me is there any chance I can get my ADA

Download Typhon and restore your wallet there

Used Typhon to recover Cwallet funds … but Typhon see only Cardano-ada coin
Nothing else

Typhon is a Cardano wallet only. You are able to manage ADA and all its native tokens with that wallet.

Great thank you for you reply … but still how can people recover different types of crypto from C-WALLET if they still have seed phrase?

You can either ask in the channels of the other cryptocurrencies you want to retrieve. They probably know far more about how they work than we here.

Or you can just try to restore the seed phrase in reasonably trustworthy wallet apps for one or more of the chains you used. There is a chance that they also used the respective standards for those other chains.