Trying to locate where ADA transfer went to

Hi there, I had the same issue. I sent some ADA over a year ago to coinbase, but it turns out it went missing. Would appreciate any info available as I tried looking at the transaction ID and I can’t seem to find any info that makes sense to me.

The transaction ID is: 7cfc16161a50bfe954f6c5e7f6843d531d0c28fe822a795c5c847e4e74f4a24b

Appreciate any help anyone can provide on if I may have sent it to a wrong wallet. Thank you!

Not sure what you are asking.

The transaction went through and Coinbase did receive your ADA as you can see here : Transaction 7cfc16161a50bfe954f6c5e7f6843d531d0c28fe822a795c5c847e4e74f4a24b - Cardanoscan

If you didnt get them credited, you do have to reach out to their support.

So it was sent to an ADA address that I thought was my coinbase account. It never arrived. I jsut did some more digging and it seems to have gone to some wallet associated with a name $chicagofire. It’s a wallet with about $2.2 million in ADA? No idea where that address came from or where I would of gotten it. I was just trying to figure out more information on that wallet and seemed to have found it. But obviously nothing we can do at this rate since I can’t contact them. Thank you!

Just because the address is labled as $chicagofire it doesnt mean that they actually named it like that. Its most likely a ADAhandle which is basiclly a NFT which probably someon sent to that address.

Based on the transactions and the amount of ADA on that wallet im pretty sure that this is one of the wallet addresses from an exchange.

So imo that transaction id alone should be enough of an evidence to contact Coinbase support.

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Thank you kindly, greatly appreciate the info!

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Based on the frequency and outputs of transactions and also on the random collection of tokens that has piled up there – including the $chicagofire handle – yeah, that looks like the address of an exchange.

But it looks like one of the main storage addresses and not a deposit address. Exchanges usually give you a very specific address where to send ADA to deposit them in your account on the exchange – sometimes a new one for every deposit, sometimes one that stays for longer or even for the lifetime of your account with it. They do that, so that they can know and identify that a transaction is meant to go into your account.

In fact, this address is precisely the one that you got the ADA from a year before that:

That’s where you got the address from. And that never works, because that address interacts with a lot, all of their customers. You are not supposed to directly send to that address. You should have looked up a special deposit address.

That being said, yeah, Coinbase support might be able to help you correct that. Either crediting the ADA or sending them back so that you can deposit them again in the correct way.

Much appreciate that explanation. I think it was from the exodus wallet to Coinbase. But I’ll ask Coinbase to see what they can do. Greatly appreciate the extensive explanation!

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