Are you using the Trezor Suite or another wallet app?

Most wallet apps generate new receive addresses, when one was used. Could it be that both belong to your wallet? Does Trezor Suite (if you use that) show you a list of all receive addresses somewhere?

Hey Hepta, thank you for quick reply. I am using Trezor Suite app. You’re right about that most wallet apps generate new receive addresses and I think that’s the problem I have now. 5 minutes after withdrawal ADA from Binance I got new address which I thought it was mine and I unfortunately I sent all my ADA coins there ( it is a large amount ) . What do you think about the next step,what is best to do?

p.s I have a list of all transactions on Trezor Suite wallet app.

If this is really what happened, you don’t have to do anything and the transaction from Binance should appear in your wallet. All receive addresses end up there. You can use all of them. There’s absolutely no need to only use the currently shown one.

If this is what happened, the second half of both addresses except for the last six characters (a checksum) should be identical. That’s the stake addresses encoded in most Cardano addresses. It will be the same for all receive addresses of your wallet.

If that is not identical, then something else must have happened: Do you use and is it possible that you logged in with another passphrase in those five minutes?

I think the problem is because I deleted Trezor suite app after the first withdrawal and after second withdrawal and new application installations I clicked on fresh address on Trezor suite app and I got it automatically that new address where I sent all my ADA ( the address is active for 20 days and has 5 transactions …I just wonder if my wallet was hacked after the withdrawal from Binance or no … I sent you a message on twitter and I hope that is not a problem .

Found it and have answered you there.

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Thank you very much !

I was sending ADA between wallets and accidentally send ADA to the wrong address. I am not sure how this happened because the address was not one that I had interacted with in the past. I feel very cliche in doing this and it seems like a long shot, but is there anyway to contact the address to see if the ADA can be returned?
Thank you

Do you have any indication of whom the address belongs to? It would be much more promising to contact the human or organisation directly.

That being said, you can send messages in the metadata of transactions, but it is kind of uncertain if they will look at it.

It has also been tried a few times to send an NFT to attract the attention of such an address. An unexpected NFT is more prominent than a metadata message, but could still stay unnoticed depending on the user and the usage of the address.

Thank you for those suggestions and unfortunately I don’t have an indication of who owns the wallet. It does look like the wallet is relatively active with small transactions daily. I can try also sending an NFT to gain attention.

I read a tutorial on reading cardano scan (because I was very confused about what was happening in the transaction) and it appears that I sent the ADA to an NFT address. This address does not have a controlled stake key. I have reached out to the community who owns this NFT. In general it is possible that the owner would even be able to get to the ADA? Any other suggestions?
Thank you!

What do you mean by that? “NFT address” is not a concept of Cardano.

That is possible. Such addresses are often called “enterprise addresses”. They are a bit shorter than the usual addresses, because there is no stake address encoded.

But they can still be usual addresses and contract addresses.

If it is a contract address, they cannot directly get to the funds on that address, but are bound by what the contract allows.

If it is a usual address and they still have the private key for that address, they could access everything on the address.

Okay, this makes more sense then. I believe I sent it to an enterprise address (much shorter address) and have reach out to this party and am waiting on a reply.
Thank you so much for you help!