Binance - withdrawal error

Hi, multiple people have issues with this

Invalid withdrawal address in Binance for ADA (YOROI)

I talked t osupport, they can do nothing.

Please anyone, ideas?

Thank you

Hey @DaveADA

Does your receiving address starts with addr1?


If it’s any help, I transferred ADA from Binance(UK) to Daedalus (cold wallet) 30 seconds after I bought it yesterday. No problems.

Hi, it doesn´t.

But I followed instructions setting up Yoroi (Windows) and just generated new address and received it as a default.

How can I choose to have address starting with addr1 in Yoroi please?
Thank you

Seems like you created a Byron wallet.

You can simply create a new wallet my clicking “Add a new wallet” and then you have to choose Shelley era.

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