Cardano Network Unavailable for Withdrawls

What is going on with disabling their Cardano Network around the time an epoch starts/ends? I can deposit Ada, but I can’t withdraw it. Is this an on going issue? Seems shady. I might have to find another exchange.

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perhaps they are upgrading to smart contracts… and yeah it’s a good ideea to have accounts on more exchanges… just to avoid this situations.

I am having the same issue. I’ve never done a withdrawal from binance-US before and it only gives BEP2 option … coinbase pro never gave any withdrawal issues before, but I don’t have any crypto on it.

I’m having the same issue too. Has this always been an issue or is this random?

Binnace often suspend the ADA withdraws… just have patience if not, search for another exchange

Look at that, I’m able to withdraw ada from hours after the epoch ends.

They are FrontRunning. #NotYourKeysNotYourCoins