MAJOR PROBLEM! ADA cannot be deposited into!

Please be advised that is having a MAJOR problem.

As a result of the problem they have STOPPED ACCEPTING DEPOSITS OF ADA!!!

Two days ago I withdrew ADA from to Daedalus. They were transferred to Daedalus yet had 0 available yet they had it STILL PROCESSING!!!

Today I noticed this issue. I just had my friend see if they could deposit ADA into and they received then EXACT SAME MESSAGE!!!

Hopefully they determine the exact problem an get it corrected immediately! It’s just too costly to deposit into and then sell!!! is a LOT less expensive that

Kraken deposits cost me only 0.5% (unless you deposit with credit card, then it’s around 4%) and to withdraw ADA to Daedalus cost 1 ADA for any amount. Withdrawals usually take about 2 to 3 minutes. Maybe try them. :slight_smile:

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Download SafePal wallet and access Binance Global through the app.

Thanks. I’ll try that now.

This issue has been resolved by Binance

Hi. @shawn, it repeats again, the second day I can not transfer ADA to the wallet. The reason is reported that the network is congested. Also, the commission has been increased when the set is available to 1 ADA. What does it mean? :lemon:

If that is what Binance said, then they are misleading you. If you go to the cardano block explorer and then click on the current epoch, you can see the size in bytes of recent blocks. When I am looking now, there is one block of 25 kilobytes and all the rest are half that size or less. That means the blockchain is nowhere near being congested.

However, I have seen a repeated pattern of Binance disabling their wallet (for periods of about a day) about once per epoch.

maybe you know how much the withdrawal fee should be on Binance :camel: for ADA?

The network fee for a transaction is about 0.17 ADA. The 1 ADA is what Binance has decided to charge its users for a withdrawal; they could change that at any time (up or down).

:heart: He took off the ADA. You can withdraw only when the network is overloaded and the commission is 1 ADA. Binance is cunning in everything. They even wrote that the commission will return to the user’s account. Processing 12 hours :sunglasses: