serious issue with Daedalus getting ada onto other exchange

Obviously I was kicked out of being a US resident.

Now I have ada stored in Daedalus . I transferred 100 (as a test) to my new account. It shows 100 deposit completed yet no balance of 100 ada. Does this take forever?

I am stuck having passed basic and advanced verification , but seem to be waiting to hear from Prime Trust. Then I can set up my bank account , sell ada and get cash.

Any idea what other exchange deals with ADA being deposited? All the ada I have seem to be worthless as I cannot get them anyplace where I can exchange or cash them.


Hey @shawn

You probably better reach out the Binance support for that case because theres nothing we can do on our side.

Im using Kraken but not sure if thats accessable in US.


Thanks. What I need is to find an exchange that will allow me to deposit my ada. Kracken is taking forever to set up a bank account. They are “verifying” my photos is me.

Binance.US is far far worse. That may take 3 weeks to have Prime Trust get back to me (despite the contradictory screenshots). One says awaiting to hear, the other says failed. Aggggg

Yah it took my friend at least a couple of weeks to get set up with Binance US recently. Probably have a lot of people signing up right now.

Thanks. Funny how Prime Trust is "going to get back to me, but then it says I failed. Still says ok when I do it over and over. LOL