Best way to store ADA

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Hello guys I wonder what is the best wallet to store your ADA?Hardware wallet Ledger Nano S Daedalus or Yoroi?
I’ve heard that Daedalus is the best option but not sure.

i prefer to use a nano ledger s.

i never had any problems so far with it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer Zyroxa,
I think exactly the same as you especially if you want to store biggest ADA is it complicated to use it or not really?

I like daedalus I dont trust the hardware wallets I know how to keep my pc off network lol. If you can use a backup seed to restore your wallet then that means someone has your private seed

no its very easy and simple.

you use yoroi to display your funds.

if you need some help check out that video from EMURGO

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Thank you Zyroxa,

Can I ask you what do you think about only Yoroi is it save enough?

well yoroi is for sure safe and a very good wallet, but its missing a 2FA if im right.

i think if you spent over 300$~ it’s time to spend something in security and get a hardware wallet :slight_smile:

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Can I ask what is the difference between Nano S and Nano X?Which one is better according to you?

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its pretty simple

nano s : limited storage (does not really matter), usb
nano x : more storage (you can install alot of apps at the same time), bluetooth and usb, newer

i use a nano s and im happy with it. the only thing is that you have to uninstall and install the apps if you have more than 4 currencies. (the coins are still on the blockchain if you uninstall a app on the nano ledger)

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Hi there. I would give paper wallets a try. These are simply a paper were you write down the words that form your password. you can even split it in two or more groups so if someone access it, he/she/they still won’t be able to get access to your funds. You can use Yoroi or Daedalus to make a paper wallet and then transfer your funds to it. This is very secure, however if you intend to be moving your funds around or send transactions you will need to restore the paper wallet at Daedalus or Yoroi every time. If you plan to hold for a long time, or you are only interested on receiving funds, I think this is the best way.

great points are made in this article. definitely worth reading.thanks for sharing!