Hardware Wallet Reccomendations

Good evening to all,

Apologies if this is the incorrect sub-forum, however I am seeking advice on hardware ledger wallets.

I am thinking of increasing my holding quite substantially in the new year, but like many others, fear the perils of internet security (Even though I class myself as quite experience and I.T savvy)

The 2 base quetions are essentially,

What hardware wallet reccomendations do other people have please? Seems to be most say Trezor or the Nano S based on personal preference
Is it possible to stake/gain interest from a hardware wallet (presume not but have to ask)

Thank you in advance

Hi Gruff
The answer is yes and this video seems to cover several options well

Happy Christmas

Did a little digging myself last night and decided to purchase myself a Nano S and convert from Daedalus to a Yoroi wallet as it seems to sync nicely with the Nano for staking.

Merry Xmas to you also thanks

I am very happy about my Ledger nano X

Despite the leak of user data, the Ledger Nano is the one to go with for ADA. If you have only few different coins, the Nano S is the best for the money. If you have more than four different coin types, you should think about the Nano X, as it can have many coin apps installed at the same time.

Since last week you can the use the Nano S also in Daedalus, including staking functionality. Yoroi is really a good wallet, maybe even better in some aspects. But with Daedalus you have a full node wallet, which is better in privacy aspects.

Interesting. Might swap it back over to Daedalus then as I prefer the layout and interface over Yoroi anyway. I like the convenience of Yoroi on a mobile phone however. I can imagine being at work during a price moon and me not being able to drive home quick enough to sell haha.

By the way, when you say that:
From the Ledgers, only the Nano X can be used together with Yoroi Mobile over Bluetooth connection :grin:

My ledger will probably never leave the house anyway. I have my stash split over multiple wallets and devices for safety. Small amount for emergency sale on phone, larger amount for staking and rewards on Daed, much larger account cold stored for 10 years time in a lockbox.

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