Hi from Shenzhen China

As a Haskell programmer and a new cryptocurrency fans, I find cardano very interesting. Wondering how to contribute to it, currently I only have this idea in my mind:

  • A command line cardano wallet. Make the wallet more modular, so we can do stuff like signing transaction without run a full node, and can run on an offline computer. Also makes developing other GUI more easily.

I hope more developers to join cardano community, Haskell is a great language and cardano is a great project.
Suggestions are welcome.


Hi @yihuang and welcome!

Haskell developers are rare, so rare that Cardano has to train new developers to the Haskell language and I wouldn’t be surprised that Cardano/IOHK would appreciate that you get in touch with them so you can contribute in a more efficient manner @io_jeremy

See https://iohk.io/careers/ They got some remote positions in case you are interested

On another note, I am curious to hear your opinion on the following discussion Transactions Made On Invalid Addresses



Thanks for suggestions.
I’ve added my two cents to the post you mentioned, interesting problem.

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