Hello from North Carolina, US

I’m a long-time Haskell programmer with commercial development experience. I’ve been keeping an eye on Cardano since the project was new and am so impressed. The strengths of Haskell seem like a perfect fit for blockchain. It’s time to get busy with Plutus and more.


Welcome to join the Cardano forum.

Hello MY good name is Ritik i am from INDIA
And i am doing crpto trading from last 8 months

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I am also a Computer science engineer 2nd year student and i am learning different computer languages

Welcome. Sorry I missed the post the first time around!

Welcome to you as well!

yes i am very happy that we are part of same community

CLT in the house.

Welcome… I am a long time developer and see the shortcomings with ETH. Excited also to see what Cardano can do!

Greetings from Florida! Do you do contract work? I’ve wanted to hire a Haskell programmer interested in the dapp space for a concept I have for my business.

Either way, can you shed some light on what projects you’ve worked on, or why you think Haskell is so good for blockchain? Cheers! :slight_smile:


myself josh bez, how are you?

how are you??