Hello everyone. Hans here with greetings from South Africa

Originaly from Germany I now live on a beautiful small farm north of Johannesburg with my wife and son. I am working as Solution Architect/Developer in the enterprise space and have been following crpyto for a little over two years now. I studied at Edinburgh University and am interested in Haskell - both of which sort of got me interested in Cardano.
I don’t have much of a Maths background though and playing with Haskell tends to make me feel a little stupid - but hey, that’s ok. I guess I am more of an hands-on engineer than an academic.

Welcome @hcvst Hans! :smiley:

Hi Hans.

I am new to Cardano. I am also based in South Africa and would like to purchase it. Will you please guide me on how to? I tried downloading Daedalus on my phone but the app kept hanging. What other wallet can I use?