Cardano LINUX Wallet for Next Week Please

Hello folks,

I hold quite a lot of tokens and I’m not in fund of that to store it in an exchange. Also I’m not using malware ridden crap operating systems like micrh00f window$.

I still rather store my money (ADA) in a foreign exchange then ever touch that shitty system.

Please release the linux GUI wallet as soon as possible, next week would be great and make it 100% working on Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Thank you


I am also eagerly waiting for a Linux version at

Using an exchange or Micro$oft is simply not an option.

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It does surprise me that being a Haskell shop all the developers aren’t running Linux workstations and thus prime requirement from day one.

Update: Just noticed Availability of daedalus wallet for linux system

Seem it is already largely working they just havent got the rpm / dpkg building in their CI and 3rd party repos and signing and all the other bits for distribution, maybe some manual dependency tracking to do, will have a go later


The Cardano SL node and the Daedalus nodejs front-end app have definitely worked on Linux. I’ve been using it though it requires understanding the software organization, how the pieces fit together, and running them more like a modern web application (with a backend API - i.e. the cardano-sl node and a client-side app in electron, i.e. Daedalus) than a “desktop app”.

Mac and Windows are more common and also technically more difficult to package for IMHO so it was good they focused there first.

There actually already exists a Docker container Nix recipe but I will have a Nix systemd recipe for the cardano-sl node and a Nix recipe for the Daedalus front-end this weekend. That is unless IOHK beats me to packaging first :wink:

EDIT: I also want to point out that these guys are moving really fast. They have good documentation but they are definitely lacking the bandwidth to keep it updated on master so you have to get your hands a little bit dirty.


Please, we need that TODAY. It is very unsafe mantein my ADA in an exchange. And I do not use windows for things that envolve money,

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I’m currently at the nix-build stage in the instructions at:

any help would be appreciated it! here is my write up I got the gui to start, have not tested deeply yet.

“Please release the linux GUI wallet as soon as possible”

IMHO simple command line tool would be great.

For those who prefer GUI, it’s trivial on Linux to wrap command line tool (with reasonable interface) into some GUI wrapper !

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Here are my notes with instructions from building this Today in Archlinux: , I’ve made notes with issues I come across and steps+references that allowed me to resolve build issues.

Yes, my exact thoughts. lets ditch this, I need these function:

  1. new wallet
  2. receive coin
  3. send coin

that’s it for now.

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Not mentioning easy to integrate with other tools, servers (imagine integrations for new exchanges, or even WEBSHOPS! to accept cardano as form of payment!).
Therefore, commandline interface or some well documented with working examples and unittests rpc interface (wscat , whatever…) would be really appreciated.

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I can’t believe that everybody in this community is so money-hungry. You want us to pay for your rant?

After I clicked on that crappy steem site I got nowhere but the startpage where I had to put in my phone numer and email to sign up (surely they sell both for mass marketing). After that I was finally ready to read your post but:

“Thanks for confirming your email!After validating your sign
up request with us we’ll look it over for approval. As soon as your turn
is up and you’re approved, you’ll be sent a link to finalize your

Guys don’t go to that website. I guess even after that u have to pay to read an article like on good old EXPERT EXCHANGE :frowning:

I think majority of us does not use NIXos, that install guide only talks about nix and it’s unfinished.

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so the steem link does work fine, is not working. But all the data is open on a public block chain.

I understand you frustration, and I have filed a bug report that the content on utopian is not available except when you are logged in.

I am not money hungry at all, but it might make that impression. I am working on improving the utopian project because I think it is a good idea for funding the development of OSS. Here is my latest summary on this topic

What I really want to do is see if we can find a way to fund people to work on open source software using cardano and create a service economy based on smart contracts. I wrote about that here and other posts I can tell you more about, this one as well

I too am surprised that Linux was not the first cab off the rank . . I posted another note about getting Fedora going:

but didn’t even get any responses . . I am used to Ubuntu getting done before Fedora but Windows before Linux? Very strange for developers . .

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I note that Windows and Mac wallet version numbers have been updated from at I hope Linux version arrives soon …

  • Windows Version 1.0.3769 64 bit
  • macOS Version 1.0.3619 64 bit
  • Linux ??

UP for the Linux version!

There should be a Poll regarding this :metal:

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Yes please! I understand that some people have built it successfully for Ubuntu but come on man I shouldn’t be spending 3 hours to install your wallet on my Dell XPS

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I believe Ubuntu is the most used…

1 Like ubuntu has a problem, use debian that works!

I recommend developers use an appimage .