Cardano Community Newsletter - March 15, 2019

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Cardano Welcomes David Esser

IOHK has hired David Esser, as senior product manager for the Cardano blockchain platform. He brings extensive experience and skills in product management, communications, strategy, and implementation that will further advance the project. Read more about David’s background and his role within Cardano on the Forum.

Read more about David Esser

Cardano 1.5 Testnet Release

Cardano 1.5 was recently released on the Cardano testnet in preparation for its upcoming release to the mainnet. This release was a milestone because it was the last Cardano release of the Byron development phase. Details on Cardano 1.5 and the deployment schedule for the protocol to transition towards Shelley can be found in the release announcement link below.

Read the Cardano 1.5 Testnet Release Announcement

IOHK Summit 2019’s Speaker Lineup

World-renowned experts from both IOHK and the broader industry will be attending and speaking at the IOHK Summit! New speakers are added to the lineup everyday and we can’t wait to attend all these talks! Have a look above at the researchers from IOHK who are contributing to the Cardano ecosystem and have been added to the lineup this week! For more information on all the speakers coming out to the Summit, head to the event website.

Check out the IOHK Summit

Coinscrum Meetup in London

Last week, we partnered up with Coinscrum, an active and engaged cryptocurrency meetup group in London, to host a Plutus and Marlowe meetup. From IOHK, we had Michael Peyton Jones, functional compilers engineer, and Simon Thompson, senior research fellow, join us to present on the progress their teams are making in the area of smart contract programming languages. You can watch the recorded livestream of the event in the video above!

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March 20, in Stuttgart: Cardano Community Meetup
March 22, in San Diego: Cardano Community Meetup
March 28, in Washington DC: Cardano Community Meetup

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