Cardano welcomes David Esser, Sr. Product Manager


IOHK is proud to announce and welcome David Esser, as senior product manager for the Cardano blockchain platform. He comes to IOHK with extensive experience - 20 years in product management and 13 years as a chief technology officer. David was the co-founder and technology or operating chief at two successful start-ups, DBO2 (now Predictive Solutions) and RepairPal, so he brings skills in product management, technology team management, communications, strategy, and implementation that will further advance the Cardano project.

David has a strong interest in blockchain technology and its potential to solve classes of problem that haven’t been solvable at scale before. He chose Cardano because of its base in peer-reviewed research and its striving to build an efficient, scalable, secure blockchain unprecedented in the industry.

‘I’m excited to start at IOHK and join the Cardano project - the industry is missing a third-generation blockchain platform that is built from the ground up to be the foundation for large enterprise-class applications. I’m thrilled to join this team and play a part in building it.’

As the senior product manager for Cardano, David will focus on strengthening the links between product strategy and the development teams to build the right functionalities in the right order while balancing implementation risk. At the same time, he aims to ensure that what is being built is what matters most to Cardano users. Finally, he will build on feedback to the Technical Support Desk to help the development teams prioritize and fix bugs quickly and efficiently.

Check out his profile here and you can find him here on the Forum under @davidesser. David will soon be appearing in an episode of The Cardano Effect, so keep an eye out for that!


Welcome @davidesser! Great that Cardano will have an advocate for the platform users.