JUST OUT: New IOHK Videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at the latest development progress

We’re committed to bringing you all the latest Cardano development news. As part of that, we want to give you visibility of all the work going on behind the scenes. IOHK has just started publishing the development demos that they use internally to keep execs and colleagues updated on progress. These are raw, unexpurgated technical demos. But they give a great insight into what’s happening in the project and what you can expect next.

To get things started, you can check out the first in the series below. The demo is by Rupert Horlick and Duncan Coutts, and shows full Haskell nodes with the 4 components integrated - consensus, ledger, network protocol, and node shell.

We’ll have another demo video for you tomorrow. Further videos will be released as and when they become available, based on project milestones. Make sure you subscribe to IOHK’s YouTube channel to be alerted when new content gets published.

Edit: Video #2 added

Now, check out our second Cardano Dev Progress Demo video on multi-node communication with on-disk storage:


Thank you for making this content available!

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No need to thank me!
Thank the amazing IOHK developers who are making this information accessible to everyone! :heart_eyes: Hope you all enjoy these videos