Cardano 1.6.0 mainnet: Daedalus 0.14.0 with Cardano SL 3.0.3

Today, IOHK is releasing Cardano 1.6 on the Cardano mainnet. This release brings the latest Daedalus (v. 0.14.0), which offers a number of significant updates and improvements to the wallet experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to use. It also adds a number of useful improvements to the support functions for faster diagnostics and issue resolution.


What are the standout features?

The standout features improve the Daedalus UI and user experience, including the following:

  • Loading screens now have an animated Daedalus logo, as well as status icons which indicate when core system components are working correctly
  • Three new user interface themes have been added to increase user customization options
  • An updated design gives all the modal windows a fresher, more unified look and feel
  • Improvements to the update system help users having issues with older Daedalus versions to update to the latest version, and resolve their issues
  • A new ‘Wallet UTXO distribution’ screen will also help users to understand how their funds are distributed

This release also includes a number of small but important improvements such as a new help menu, new items in the diagnostics window, automatic scrolling to show error messages that are not in view, automatic language selection for fresh installations, links to support articles to help diagnose issues, timestamps for paper wallet certificates, and more.

Watch this Daedalus 0.14 Demo video by Darko Mijić, Daedalus Product Manager

For all the details on the new features, please check out the release note

How to update your Daedalus?

As the version finishes propagating through the network, you should see a prompt in your Daedalus wallet that lets you know about 0.14.0. You’ll be able to update to the new version in this way.

However, if you don’t have Daedalus or are running an older version, you may not receive the prompt. In this case, you will actually see instructions on how to manually download and update your wallet through the official Daedalus website: