IOHK Summit 2019 Viewing Party Winners

The Cardano Foundation would like to thank all that have participated in holding their own personal IOHK Summit Viewing Party during the event!

Last week during the event, we invited the global community to get together and watch Charles Hoskinson’s keynote speech, titled ‘‘State of the Nation’’.

Charles talked about IOHK’s goals, products and the vision for Cardano 2020, and it was live streamed via the IOHK Youtube channel. which reached more than 1600 views during Charles’ keynote speech.

Within these 1600 live-stream viewers, several community members across the globe responded with the hashtags #Cardano2020 and #IOHKsummit2019 followed by Tweet with a short video response to participate in the Tangem card give-away.

The participants who made a short video clips will receive their Tangem card prize in the mail shortly!

See who’s participated with the campaign below!

From Cardano Blockchain Toronto:

Mateusz Klinowski and his friends:

Zol from the car with his friends:

Ildi Xhaholli and companions:

ChrisTheDuckMan with his (pet) support:

And last but not least…Taichicube & friends.

Congratulations with your prize and thank you very much for participating!

Interested? Look out for more campaigns and events in the future, and participate!