Host your own IOHK Summit viewing party!

Cardano Foundation is inviting the global community to get together and watch the keynote speech from Charles Hoskinson at the upcoming IOHK summit in Miami!

On Wednesday 17th April at 09:10 AM EDT (local Miami time), Charles Hoskinson will be delivering his keynote speech at the 2019 IOHK Summit. Titled “State of the Nation”, Charles will be talking about IOHK’s goals, products and the vision for Cardano 2020 and it will be live streamed via the IOHK Youtube channel. As this will be an important event for the project, Cardano Foundation will be running a campaign to encourage community members to host a viewing party and watch the talk live!

How to participate?

1. :family_man_woman_girl_boy: Gather together three or more Cardano fans and watch the stream of Charles’s talk live on Youtube. You could even organise your own meetup to do this!

2. :video_camera: Before the talk starts, you’ll need to record a video which captures everyone in the room shouting “Cardano2020”. Feel free to be creative!

3. :twitter: Once recorded, you’ll need to tweet the video tagging @Cardano and using the hashtag #Cardano2020 and #IOHKSummit2019

4. :heart: Finally, once your tweet is posted, you will need to encourage as many Twitter likes as possible!

All groups with 10 or more likes before the end of the summit on Thursday 18th April will receive a prize.

What is the prize?

Winning groups will receive Cardano-branded Tangem crypto cards. We will DM the organiser of the winning teams to collect information for the cards to be sent out. Please make sure you are following @Cardano on Twitter so that we can DM the winners.

A small disclaimer: this is meant to be fun and light hearted! Cardano Foundation reserves the right to run the campaign entirely at its own discretion.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing all your videos on Twitter! :grinning:


And I thought mail-in rebates were complicated…


It takes less clicks to buy a summit ticket, for those who want to get these with 100% certainty

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Its not too complicated! Just get your friends and family together for the livestream and send us a video! :wink:


Dear Community, we have been tossing and turning about the conditions to participate - we ended up dropping the requirement that you prove having spent 15 years at the Cardano monastery. However, we listen to your feedback and we want to make this accessible for anyone, even if you work as a sole cable car operator in the mountains, or in some basement doing code on your own: Instead of three fans, we require only one - yes that’s right, videos with one fan will qualify.

The Cardano fan can be anyone - human, alien, a puppet - as long as he, she, they or it shouts “Cardano 2020!”.

And here another one: if you prefer another platform than Twitter, give it a shot: If your post gets at least 10 “likes”, and if you tag, DM, and hashtag the Cardano Foundation accordingly, so that we can actually successfully notice and find you, the Tangem card(s) are yours as well.

And yes, any double-entries and copy/pastes are excluded - one card maximum per person :slight_smile:

Thanks to Foundation Council member Domino for having pushed this internally!

— Nathan, Chairperson


Check out this Meetup with Cardano Blockchain & Ada in Taichung, Taiwan if you’re interested and nearby


Where have you been Cardano?

It’s about time you showed up we’ve all been waiting for you. :grinning:

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If you are alone, you can always meeting other members here.

Whoever is interested from different timezones, use this link to calculate you local time

Or use the reminder function at the upcoming lifestreams url

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Just wondering when Cardano will be DM’ing the winners of this contest? Me and my friends were one of the groups that participated, I’ve included a link to our tweet below. I myself am unable to DM @Cardano account on Twitter

Most of the team are traveling back from Miami this day. Give them a day or two and they will get back to you :wink:

Waiting is not an issue, just need clarification on whether they would contact us or the other way around since @Cardano twitter account has disabled incoming DM’s

Can someone from the team please address this. I have participants of the contest tweeting at me asking if i’ve heard back from Cardano yet. Thank you!


Yes, just as @Andy_Hendrikx mentioned, some members are traveling back home or are still on leave, but you have definitely not been forgotten is what I understand! :slight_smile:
Hang in there a little longer!