⚠️Important Announcement - Staying Clear From Scams, Fake Apps & Officials

Dear Cardano Community,

:warning: We have recently received reports with regards to scammers who are impersonating ecosystem officials or core-members (Ambassadors). We want to stress to please do not send your ADA to any third party entities that claim to have partnerships with Cardano, officials from the entities within the Cardano Ecosystem will never ask you to send your funds (assets). :warning:

The Cardano community takes any spreading of scams and FUD as a serious violation and breach of trust toward the community, and depending on its severity, will be pursued legally.

Some things to remember and NOT TO DO, are:

  • DO NOT open unofficial or fake Cardano related websites.
  • DO NOT open/click/save suspicious, unofficial or unknown Cardano related applications.
  • DO NOT interact with fake Cardano admins/frauds/scammers when they DM you. Report and block them instead!
  • Cardano Foundation officials’ email ALWAYS end with @cardanofoundation.org

Things you SHOULD DO:

  • Please REPORT any suspicious/fake Cardano websites/apps/messages and scams to: report@cardano.org immediately.
  • INFORM an official Cardano Telegram admin, in case you see something suspicious. (admins have an ‘admin’ tag behind their name: you can notify them in a DM or go to @CardanoReportToAdmin)
  • Please educate and help inform your surrounding friends and family, on how to prevent loss of crypto assets.
  • Please check the official IOHK Support website on how to stay safe with your (ADA) crypto assets.
  • Also see the ‘‘How to stay safe?’’ forum post from the Cardano Foundation team.

:no_entry: Again: the official Teams will NEVER ask you for your funds, private keys or personal information, and we DON’T GIVE AWAY free money (ETH/BTC/ADA/and so on)!:no_entry:

The team would like to thank you for your continued support. Stay vigilant!


Are “Cardano” and “ADA” trademarks or some other sort of asset? Just wondering what legal tools exist to go after the scammers. It makes some of them liable for various securities law violations that helps AGs stop them where they operate, no?

Yes, we do go after scams legally because we have a trademark policy but this is also dependent on if and when the social platforms or website hosting providers take actions.


Sometimes it’s hard to understand people and their behaviour

If you have Daedalus and Yoroi why do you search elsewhere ?
If you follow this forum, in my opinion you would be updated always!

I m amazed how people get scammed in a daily basis
I m not saying I m imune to scams is just too obvious what to do to avoide this situations!

I get what you are saying, but you don’t want to say something that is pretty much “buyer beware”. Yes, tell people that anyone can do this and understand it, but don’t take it lightly. If you don’t understand, don’t do it. This stuff is complicated. Rely on advise you can trust, never some on-line source exclusively.

Of course, too obvious!
I m taking in it so seriously that I comment it, it doesn’t change the fact that is obvious what to do yet people choose other ways as they are always with the perception that what they are doing is smarter that everybody else and they get scammed, the real world is a harsh place, very! This is why if people read my previous comment and stake to it! They would be relatively safe, at least they would get all what they need from oficial source and information from the community!
As simple as that…

Just saying to be diplomatic. If people get duped, do you want to be calling them stupid? I don’t.

It is fair to say that it is early in crypto, so being safe is a DIY affair, not for everyone. It can be done safely and I don’t want to spread FUD on complexity either, but the truth is the the majority of “average people” should not be trying this stuff yet.

Yes, but if we have a very big lion in front of us what do you do ? It’s obvious no ?

People that are getting into crypto they must!!! Mandatory!!! To know that security is up to them, their bank is in their laptop, smartphone and there is no customer service!!!

Early they understand that early they would get all the serious they can get toward crypto and how they hold their coins

Of course I can get scammed, hacked etc
But I know very much that is a risk and what I have to do against that risk, and I m doing my best …

This is wild, if they say to you send me some ADA and I will send you 100 times that, what you need more to understand that this is a scam, it just defies logic!

When it comes to Cardano at this stage, the most reliable thing to do is
You have Daedalus an Yoroi ( there are other, call me a freak I just consider this 2 options for now, if someone wants more and gets scammed, well deal with it

This forum and that’s it, for now you would be pretty much updated

Now, more you try to expand your vision knowing opinions of others, articles of others, FUD, Bla bla more you expose yourself, it’s simple

Have a local guide so I stay out of that situation? How many of us have been in this situation. Same thing for this. When this is mainstream, anyone will be able to do it with reputable products and local services, and they will have similar level of consumer protection as using standard instruments today.

We are not there yet. This space is not for the general public but to anyone willing to learn and do risky stuff. Truth is you can risk your net worth if you don’t know what you are doing, so don’t, unless you know this and have some idea of how it might happen.

Maybe, but blockchain doesn’t work that way my friend, and if that happens would be with a third party which defy the whole purpose of Blockchain!

This what I m trying to say from the beginning!
More even if they anyone wants to strat here would be a good place!

Not necessarily. The two parties could be you and a bodaga owner, or even a friend. The cards and tech are what you trust. You will still have branding and trust to simplify. Decentralization doesn’t have to mean no controls. Who really wants that. I don’t.

How you would simplify “branding and trust” ? What does that even mean ?

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Now, we are in quite opposite situations my friend!
I m advocate of decentralisation if not why all the trouble then …

maybe what you want is a legacy world with fancy digital money isseud by the same rulers as now!
Crypto currencies, considering the philosophical part of it, is mostly decentralisation

And this is why brilliant people are squeezing their minds to achieve a true decentralization with security, Consensus etc

Thanks for keeping us informed. I personally wouldn’t have given World ADA the time of day, but as the project moves forward we as a community want to be sure to smack down these parasites just for the sake of our own good reputation.

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