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In conversation with Tamara Haasen, Cardano Foundation’s new Council Member.

Tamara Haasen joined the Cardano Foundation Council in December 2019. A native of Canada and a holder of the Juris Doctor degree, Tamara sat down shortly after her appointment with Bakyt Azimkanov, Global Director of PR, Communications and Marketing. In a conversation recorded in Zug, Switzerland, she talks about her thoughts on advancing the Foundation’s missions, building a talent pipeline, community’s role, blockchain governance and much more. Tamara is the first woman to become a Council Member and she will focus on business development and growth, systems integration and synergies.

Watch the interview

Charles Hoskinson’s Recent Cardano Updates and Surprise AMA

On Friday the 17th of January, Charles Hoskinson sat down for an update on the development of the Incentivized Testnet. He also touched on the emerging strategy for Cardano in 2020 and his upcoming trip to the World Economic Forum at Davos.


  • The Incentivized Testnet, Adrestia, and Daedalus are now on regular release cadences.
  • Launch requirements are being discussed for Goguen.
  • The OBFT hard fork will likely occur in February along with the release of the Ouroboros Hydra paper.
  • Monthly updates from product managers will soon begin through Youtube videos.
  • A conversation has begun about the inclusion of punitive measures to reduce bad behavior on the incentivized testnet.

Read and watch the January 17 update here

Earlier this month, Charles also took the time to do a Surprise AMA, please check it out below!

On 12 January 2020, Charles Hoskinson sat down for a surprise AMA. There he discussed the preparations being made for the Haskell Shelley Testnet. He also talked about the methodology of building on two different codebases and looked forward to increased development velocity in 2020. Furthermore, he touched on expansion initiatives by the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO.


  • The Incentivized Testnet team is once again fully operational and picking up their development cadence.
  • The incentivized testnet served the purpose of understanding user experience and testing parameter expectations.
  • As we prepare for Goguen, we are focusing on identity, oracles, multi-asset standards, and establishing rules for data and metadata.
  • We have encouraged EMURGO and the Cardano Foundation to release information on developing Decentralized Applications (DApps) for the Cardano ecosystem, as well as expanding geographically in Africa and Japan.
  • The Byron reboot, the OBFT hardfork and the results of our security audit are all upcoming within the near future.

Read and watch the surprise AMA here

IOHK: Shelley Testnet - Your weekly rollout rollup - Week 30

IOHK provides Shelley Testnet Newsletter updates every Friday. You can check out the updates on our Forum below, and for the very latest technical updates, you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub. It also includes an informative Shelley Incentivized Testnet video update by Dimitris Poulopoulos!

If you are not already part of the conversation, you will find a lot of activity over at the stake pool Best Practice Telegram.

Last year IOHK also released the Shelley Incentivized Testnet. Interested in learning more?

Check for more info

Check out the Week 30 progress report and video here

EMURGO’s 2019 product launches: Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer and Tangata Manu

EMURGO’s systems development unit led by EMURGO CTO Nicolas Arqueros and R&D Engineering Lead Sebastien Guillemot, launched two new Cardano ada products in 2019 - the Seiza Cardano Blockchain Explorer andTangata Manu - along with our first developed product, Yoroi Wallet, in October 2018. In addition to helping startups and companies leverage the Cardano ecosystem by building tailored products and services to suit their needs, EMURGO’s systems development unit is also focused on delivering real utility to ada holders by increasing the practical applicability of Cardano ada in the real world.

Let’s take a look at Seiza and Tangata Manu in their inaugural year of 2019.

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EMURGO’s Top Accomplishments of 2019

EMURGO hopes each of you celebrated the start of 2020 in good spirits with family and friends. Now that we’ve started the new year it’s good to look ahead and think about our new goals for 2020, but first: a quick look back at our top accomplishments of 2019! Throughout 2019, EMURGO - the official commercial and venture arm of Cardano - achieved many worldwide accomplishments as it sought to boost the global adoption and awareness of Cardano’s third-generation blockchain solutions. EMURGO would like to share and recap our top 10 accomplishments of 2019, starting here and now!

Top 10 EMURGO Achievements in 2019

  • EMURGO Makes Strategic Investment Into Leading Digital Merchant Bank Y2X Fostering Long Term Partnership

  • EMURGO Leads Cardano ada and Yoroi Wallet Integration with Ledger Wallet

  • EMURGO Develops and Launches Seiza: An All-New Cardano ada Blockchain Explorer

  • EMURGO Launches New User-Friendly EMURGO Website 3 and EMURGO Official Merchandise Online Store

Read about all the accomplishments here

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28 Jan 2020 - Cardano Blockchain - DC Meetup in Washington DC by Isaac and Dave Dio

25 Jan 2020 - “Running an African based stake pool” in Port Harcourt, Nigeria by Joshua Akpan

1 Feb 2020 - Testnet Study-group in Tokyo, Japan by Hideki Takeshi

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