Shelley Testnet: Your weekly rollout rollup. Week 30: W/E 17th January 2020

Week 30: W/E 17th January 2020

Each week, this is where we’ll share a high-level summary of key achievements and what’s been going on in the Shelley Testnet program. Remember, for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in our Jormungandr GitHub.

If you are not already part of the conversation, we invite you to the Shelley Testnet & Stake Pool Best Practice Telegram group. With almost 3,700 members and steadily growing, this is a great resource for anyone interested in the Incentivized Testnet. Thanks to everyone from the community taking part in the Shelley Testnet as both delegators and stake pool operators!

What’s Up
A lot has happened since the latest release. Jormungandr v0.8.6 has brought changes that were long awaited by the community. The node is more stable and with the new regular release cycle we are now implementing, it will continue to improve network stability. We have also undergone a core re-design of the node architecture in order to facilitate future development but also to provide a better user experience. Finally, the teams have also been working together to release a new Daedalus Rewards wallet with new features that will improve the user experience.

In line with our more formal and regular release program, we’ll continue to update you regularly on technical progress made on the Shelley Incentivized Testnet. Watch this new video from Dimitris Poulopoulos, project manager at IOHK for a quick snapshot:

We’ve also published another community feedback survey. Because these will be regular, you may notice some questions are the same from last week’s. This is intentional as it helps us track progress over the duration of the testnet. To participate in this week’s survey and submit feedback on the Shelley Incentivized Testnet to us, please click here.

We have a lot of tickets related to connection and syncing issues this week. We have captured these as known issues and while the development teams are continuing to work on network improvements, we’ve put a significant number of tickets on hold, which helps explain the backlog this week.

New Issues - 1071
Resolved Issues - 805
Issue Backlog - 952

Documentation & Content
Review work is still ongoing on the website content in terms of a minor reordering to improve the structure. We are also assessing any updates that may be needed for the 0.8.6 release in terms of content over the next week. Improvements to the stake pool operator documentation continues to be made.

DevOps Update
The team has been testing the new 0.8.6 release and improving the reward-api.

Community Content
Please note, these community resources are shared in good faith for you to use at your own discretion. You’ll always find ‘official’ documentation and instructions within IOHK & Cardano channels.

That’s it for now! Thanks,
The Stakepool Testing team