Hosting your Cardano Meetup and how to get started


Hi, we are going to create the 1st Meet up in Los Angeles


Do you have a time and location yet?


A quick update directly from cf_maki.mukai for all those who want to start a meetup:

We are actually flushing out the details on criteria to be listed under the official branch. Meetup Pro changed their pricing whereby we are charged PER group, rather than as one account. So of course, this can get quite expensive quite quickly.

For now, you can create your group separately and we are able to link the groups together later on.

I would recommend creating the group name as Cardano Blockchain “name of the City
and you can use any of the content we have on ours to help define the Cardano project. And it’s always great to learn a little about the organizers if you wanted to add a bit about your motivations and goals for running this meetup.

Another tip is that you can ‘tag’ Cardano in your meetup group description. This will make it easier for any Cardano supporters to find us and your group. If you can update your Meetup Group details to include ‘Cardano’ as a topic, your group will be more easily searched and it will help grow the Cardano tag on the meetup website:

Instructions on how to do this:

From your Meetup group’s homepage, select the three dots and select Manage group
Open the Topics section
To add a topic, enter it into the field and select the appropriate topic from the suggestions or click Create this topic

Full instructions here:


Not yet. Working on it.


Hi, is there interest in meet up @ Boston, MA? I am looking to start one…


Hi @sumanth
There is a Boston group:

Perhaps you can join the group and contact Timothy and see if you can help out with organizing :smiley:


Thank you very much for the pointer… I’ll reach out to Timothy. Cheers!

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카르다노 밋업이 서울에서 개최된다면?

I love to start Cardano Blockchain Philippines meetup.


How about Cardano India Event?
We can do online meetup, since India has many cities with many engineers and It is hard to targate one city. Many Indians living abroad and supporting Cardano community like me. We can start online cardano community for India. Let me know your thoughts and Please comment if anybody want to join me.


what city are you @elegant_joylin?.


I’m from mindanao i hope i can start a meetup group here in cdo.


I want to start a cardano meetup group as well :slight_smile:


If you’re offering up that kind of dedication and commitment, you might be interested in this:

If you have any questions feel free to message me.


Hello @hackers_hack ! Thank you for your interest in starting a meetup! Please contact with the details of your plan many thanks! Community team.


Hello @Alkorino ! Thank you for your interest in starting a meetup! Please contact with the details of your plan many thanks! Community team.


Anyone from Czech republic, Prague? It would be interesting to start a group here :slight_smile:


Hi @Smedzlatko! You might want to explore website to see if there’s any Czech republic meetup going on. If you don’t find one, try reaching out people with separate promotion article at the meetup forums here:

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