NYC & Washington DC Cardano meetups on October 15 & 16 with Cardano Foundation's Nathan Kaiser

Cardano supporters and crypto enthusiasts joined us for an evening of discussion regarding the growth and development of the Cardano project.

Nathan Kaiser Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation was attending both meetups to meet community members and report on the recent steps the Foundation has taken to expand its reach and influence.

The NYC and meetup were glad and fortunate to have the event hosted at the headquarters of dLab the startup accelerator and venture studio that was created to scout, source and incubate many companies showing promising synergies with Cardano. Many of the dLab team and other people close to the project were attending, and it turned out to be a productive night of networking.

Refreshments during the NYC meetup were provided, as well as a giving away of some of the remaining Cardano T-shirts on a first come first served basis.
Please check out the videos here (provided by @SeanAlimov)

The Washington DC meetup on the 16th was similar to that of the NYC meetup where Cardano Foundation’s recent updates were shared with the community by Nathan Kaiser.
We will add in more info and pics as they become available at a later stage.
Thanks a lot for your continued support and interesting questions! We hope everyone enjoyed the meetups and until next time!

Ameha Negatu Dore, @Nathan_Kaiser and Betelhem Negatu Dori discuss technological inclusion in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most-populous nation, during their recent meeting in Washington DC"

The US East Coast roadshow will conclude in Boston on October 24, with Nathan meeting community members in Massachusetts. Please check out our Meetup Boston page.