Shelley Testnet: Your weekly rollout rollup. Week 16: W/E 11th October 2019

Week 16: W/E 11th October 2019

Each week, this is where we’ll share a high-level summary of key achievements and what’s been going on in the program. Remember, for the very latest technical updates you can follow all the commits and pull requests in the community GitHub.

If you are not already part of the conversation, you’ll find a hive of activity over at the stake pool Best Practice Telegram. With over 2,200 members and loads of engaged users, this is a great resource for anyone interested in contributing to the program.

This communication channel is also an important source of information for us as we continue to refine the Jormungandr software, how we deliver it and the documentation we provide to your use of it. We’ll soon be adding polling and surveys to the mix – we’re looking forward to getting your feedback on how you are getting on and how we can help. So please keep an eye out for these over the coming weeks. Continued thanks to everyone from the community, especially our amazing Ambassadors.

What’s Up
We’re in our third week since the rollout of the Networked Testnet and we’ve already seen many of you connect your node. If you’re interested in joining us for testing, head to the set-up and configuration instructions here.

This week, we have managed to make some fixes and improve the node stability. Now we are working on fixing one of the main issues where nodes are no longer receiving block propagation messages. We also had members from the Testnet team host another successful AMA with the community last night. Watch the recording of the AMA with David Esser, Nicolas di Prima, Dynal Patel, Sam Leathers and Alejandro Garcia here!

Shelley testnet GitHub repo
New Issues - 29
Closed Issues - 38
Issue Backlog - 22

To further streamline how we use the information you provide, we’ve moved all testnet support requests and how-to documentation to the main IOHK Support Portal. The support portal integrates self-help documentation with the support request process to provide faster support for our community. Going forward we will be taking support requests via the IOHK Support Portal instead of the Shelley Testnet GitHub repo.

If you have development experience, can get detailed logs, know how to look at a backtrace and are comfortable with reading the Rust code and testing on master to reproduce and test fixes, we don’t want to discourage you from working directly with the developers filing issues on the Jormungandr GitHub repo. We’re an open source community and welcome any and all contributions! Otherwise, the IOHK Support Portal is the best place for you to file issues.

Documentation & Content
Improvements were made to the documentation and website content this week to direct users to some new support articles that are now available from the IOHK help desk, as well as some general navigation and usability improvements. The team are also assisting to review these support articles. Here you will find useful information about installation, setting up nodes, addresses, and stake pools as well as information on how to start your node and check that it is in sync. We encourage you to visit these articles here.

DevOps has created a new tool in jormungandr-nix repository called janalyze. This tool allows you to analyze block production per stake pool across an epoch.

DevOps has also deployed a rudimentary explorer that only supports blocks, transactions and address lookup at Expect to see an error on front page because recent blocks are not yet implemented. This is only a prototype and is intended to provide basic functionality. There is a team dedicated to building a full featured Shelley explorer frontend that will be coming later.

Community Content
Please note, these community resources are shared in good faith for you to use at your own discretion. You’ll always find ‘official’ documentation and instructions within IOHK & Cardano channels.

  • Cardano Ambassador Rick has created a livestream on Youtube for the Shelley Networked Testnet. His node is connected with over 30 countries and continues to show amazing growth.
  • Cardano Ambassador Markus created jtools that the IOHK devs team were able to utilize and port to powershell. This gives Windows users a script to work with the testnet. Check it out here.

That’s it for now!


The Stakepool Testing team

Edit: Embedding YouTube video of the AMA mentioned above