Personal Safety

So check out the latest episode (47) of The Cardano Effect. Philippe and Rick interview a couple of hackers. Great episode with security advice.

I really like this one a lot! Security is so important, especially on the computer and internet; it’s not about being paranoid, it’s about understanding the risk and making simple adjustments to minimise the chance of becoming a victim.

We are so used to having insurance that will replace stolen goods, or being reimbursed by banks if we fall victim to fraud. Crypto is different, there isn’t any insurance, none one will give your lost / stolen crypto back, so it’s easy to say:
‘crypto is a con’
‘it is only used by criminals’

There might be insurance one day, probably if Crypto becomes a lot more main stream, but it’s still good to protect yourself in the first place.

At the end of the day, if someone really wants something, has the mens rea, means and capability to take it, they will. - so don’t let people know you have it.

It’s easy to protect your shed / home, install locks, alarms etc. You will then see if someone has broken in or attempted by the physical damage caused.

On your computer or mobile, an attack will not damage your device physically, you will not see a tool mark or smashed window. It’s through the internet and to the software, all behind the scenes. This can make internet security not seem so important and easily forgotten about, people create weak passwords and use the same one for everything.

But unlike a burglar trying to break into your home, a hacker may not need to physically come to your address, heck they might not even be in the same country, yet they can work for as long as they like, day or night on getting into your devices / emails / accounts etc.

Yes there are multi millions of people connected to the internet, so what are the chances?! But if you advertise you own something which others may want, or you have easy passwords, you increase the chance massively of being hacked! - A burglar walks down the street and sees a house with alarms, next to a house with no alarms, door insecure or key hidden under the plant pot, I know which house I would choose!

Even someone who has never stolen before could get tempted if they walk past a car with its window open and a handbag just there on the seat? I see people on Telegram advertising the amount of ADA they have, would it really take much to at least attempt getting access to their emails?

Don’t advertise on your social media that your cats name is Johnny, your favourite meal is cheese sandwiches and your mum Betty ‘LOWE’ is getting married and will now be Betty ‘SMITH’ (what’s your mums maiden name?).- Just like your social media should be private, or if it is public don’t advertise your up coming holiday trip for a week, where because of all your photos, it’s clear no one else lives in the house and it will be empty.

My very basic and absolute advice would be:

  • Never give out your Seed words / don’t write them on your computer

  • Never give out your passwords / make them all different (easier than you think)

  • Never move your Crypto into a wallet that you didn’t create.

  • Never use a wallet where someone has given you the seed words / password.

  • Use a hard wallet (Ledger Nano)

  • double check the address you are sending your crypto to before confirming. I usually check the first and last 5 letters/digits.

  • I never log into a website from an email link, I always make sure I go to the legit website myself. (Save regularly used websites as a favourite).

  • Be careful with the information you give to strangers… People will regularly contact you (especially on Telegram) they may seem friendly, but will start asking personal info… could this be used to access any sites using the ‘forgotten password’ links?

  • Don’t advertise or ever tell anyone how much Crypto you own or just bought! Yes it can be exciting sometimes, but do you advertise your wage and bank account balance? No, that’s generally something you don’t talk about. - Don’t draw attention to yourself.

  • NO one from any legit Crypto Blockchain will ever ask you to give them any information which would give them access to your wallets…

  • Really good bit of advice, if it sounds to good to be true, it is! You’re better off staying clear.

@YeJi.Kim created a post around being safe online… definitely worth a read: