Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

Scam on YouTube going on right now. [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

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Attention, this video is now running live on youtube and it gives the impression that it is an official live from Charles Hoskinson but it is NOT.
Please tell to as many people as possible, I saw that he receives a lot of likes so everyone there thinks it’s official.

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

WHats the point to report if you delete everything

Im forwarding the links to the team which try to take the websites offline.


Look at the Youtube channel

There is a name (probably a nickname Vladimir Kulev), this channel has 409k suscribers

This would not happen if Cardano had an official channel and would communicate on it about the spam

I’m responsble of my loss and fortunately thats money I can afford to lose but some people will kill themselves losing much more they can afford.

Sorry but thats not true. They are using all their social media channels to warn. See here

Ada is good to buy, just don’t get scammed " anymore "

hos is it possable to “join” the team working on frauds and shutting down scam websites?

By the team i mean a few ambassadors and the Cardano Foundation.

You could apply for ambassador or help us by reporting such scams here :

Telegram: Contact @CardanoReportToAdmin or in this thread.

It is useless to report to this forum and anyway for Hoskinson we are idiots for getting scammed (thats what he said in his video) :wink: forgetting that we are not all native english speaker or just new in the crypto world.

Terrible: [Link removed by @Zyroxa]
First Hit for a search “Cardano”

Stupidly I fell for this, I’m so embarrassed, there are no words.

The website they ask to send money [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Also found it via this YouTube livestream posing as Charles Hoskinson

The wallet address they have asked to send the money to is this

I would recommend for anyone affected by this scam to report it to IC3, regardless of if you’re in the US or outside. The more people come forward the greater the chance of it being investigated.

Just fell for this scam…lost my entire ADA balance and inheritance from my father, 2.6k ADA. The wallet was: addr1qxwsq3k5e9jc0m9ad88r28nrglesy0dn2tcul24rhlxe2zhgm860qhjyftctnkg4vqx0ruxdkvczp3ds8jret6azrj2q5lah8f

I feel so sick right now. =(

Feeling bad for people who fell also

What is crazy is the way everything turnt badly for me :

1- ADA was pumping and I was looking for a reason why it was going over 2$
2- I was watching to a Intothecryptoverse video and got a live video suggestion
3- The live video was a great annoncement and there was that asian guy and the founder Hoskinson chatting
4- What I looked was the name of the channel and the number of subscribers : 409k subscribers ! I was like “wow ok so this is the official channel, cool, never did a giveaway, how does it work ?”
5- And then I got screwed :slight_smile:

Only coin that has this scam coming back over and over since septembre, why did I sell my Ethereum to go to ADA is beyond me

Anyway get strong guys, its only money and bullrun is not over, there are other coins that will pump :wink:

Anyway new shitty website to shut down :
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

They got me too. :unamused:

This is the channel that posted the livestream: [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

I should have taken the time to to do a quick search of the channel. Had I done that, it would have been obvious that something was not right. Why is this channel still up?

This is the wallet they had posted on the site:


2021-05-16 08:33:46 UTC

Just seeing the transaction on the ledger and knowing there’s nothing I can do about it just makes me wanna curl up into a ball.

It’s sad.

I was passively listening to random YouTube, then a livestream with Charles Hoskinson pops up at the top of my recommended list. So I clicked on it thinking nothing of it. As I was listening to Charles talk and agreeing with his philosophy and the company mission, I was like, “That’s a solid dude right there.” Then I glanced at the screen and saw “the site” superimposed in the background.

Long story short, I goofed. Biggest goof of my life. I gotta hand it to them. These SOB’s are as crafty as I am stupid. Lesson learned.

Hopefully I’ll be able to recover before ADA gets out of reach.

Is it bad that I’m hoping for a bear market now? :sweat_smile:

Another to report

[Link removed by @Zyroxa] Current Scam Live Stream

These two channels are actually broadcasting scams :
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]