Lawsuit against Google for Criminal Negligence for Mobile Daedalus Application on Play Store

I am writing because I am one of the many victims of the recent Daedalus mobile wallet application

I would like to gather a community of victims to this fraudulent and criminal activity that Google allowed on their app store.

Please list the date and quantity of ADA tokens that were stolen from the fake Daedalus wallet.

I will be collecting records for each individual and updating it to reflect the total quantity of stolen funds.

I will be approaching attorneys this week to find someone willing to take the case against google.

I am open to suggestions for working with lawyers and other methods to recover funds to people who were made victims of this scam.



Hi Andrew.

I was scammed too and would like to join your effort to recover lost funds.

Where should I send the details of my transaction too? Can you please send me your email address so I can communicate with you directly? Mine is:


I am not sure if it helps but I reported that app to Google as a fraud. I can give you the account name used to report it (your lawyers can back up my claim through discovery) they were made aware of this situation. I am not sure if it helps but if it can be used to establish they knew but didn’t act fast enough it might help your case.

Thanks. What date did you report it on?

The scam was actually reported on 8th Feb 2021 on the internet.

I still managed to download the fake app on the 27th Feb 2021. How is it possible that google left this app in the play store for so long?

It was within the past week. I do not have the exact date because I used my Android device and on my end there is only a record of my search in Play Store and no proof of report. This is why I offered discovery as a potential method to find out more.


This is the response I have received from Google:

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for contacting Google Support!

I hope this email finds you well. I’m Zee and I am your Google Play Specialist for this issue.

I understand that you reached out to us about money being stolen from you by a fraudulent app. I appreciate you for contacting us about this and we apologize for making you wait for our response… Know that I am more than willing to assist you on this.

I feel bad that this has happened to your, Andrew. No one deserves to go through such a traumatizing experience such as this especially in this trying times and my heart truly goes out for you.

I want to inform you that this case is already escalated to the best support team dedicated to address these kinds of concerns. We will respond to you shortly for any update from them as soon as they come up with ways in addressing this. I want to thank you in advance for your patience. Know that Google does not take fraudulent activities lightly and will do appropriate measures regarding this.

Please wait for our response, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

My best regards!


The Google Support Team

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I sent you an email

Thanks. I emailed you back with my gmail account details. I have contacted Google too.

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Thanks, Can you please email the account name to:

G’day mate I’ve been fleeced for 34K Ada tokens by this app on the 28th of February. Google’s response after I reported it was I shouldn’t expect and email back from them

Can you please get in contact with me at

Thanks mate

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Hi all checking in if there’s been any further progression on the class action lawsuit?

Contact this person re class action:
(copied from their post)
Anyone that has been affected by the Google play store daedalus Fake App.
There is a class action lawsuit against google for verifying the fake app.
We need all the people that have fallen victim to this scam.
My twitter is @Josh88065262.
Please get in touch!

Thanks for continuing to fight.

I can provide evudence of the 13k that were stolen from using the fake daedalus app that was downloaded from the google app store.

Hello, I would like to join the fight to!!
My e-mail is

What can I do more?

Good afternoon andrew
I was scammed too

I would like to joint to the fight.
my email is

I was also scammed as for some reason this app was still on the google play store even though the conversations i’ve seen date back to Feb 21, I would like to join this lawsuit.

I lost almost $5k to Uniswap app scam.
Google literally told me they can’t do anything and this is a 3rd party transaction.
I see a lot of fake scam apps uniswap, sushiswap are 2 that I reported.
I think Google should be held accountable as they are providing the platform to scammer’s.

you are right sir,google must have a big team of staff that makes verifications/approves the app’s first hand and then drops them on the playstore,unbelieve that a such big blue chip firm makes a joke of him self just in to make money and thats it.must be delisted from newyork stockexhange and been sued hard by all people that are scamed @ playstore.lazy crack heads🤮

I got scammed by the Daedalus android app and lost all my 1,004 ADA on the 21/09/2021. I would like to participate in the action lawsuit against the Google Play Store.