Daedalus Scam App in Play Store?

Hi there, as far as i know there is no Daedalus Mobile App. I am concerned that there is a obviously huge scam app in the google play store.

It claims to be developed by support@iohk.org and has not even data privacy page included.
Cardano foundation might look closely at this one and in case of abuse to inform google about that.


Yes there is no Daedalus for the smartphone.

So this is 100% a scam.

Thank you, I installed the App on my phone, it forced the users to add the mnemonic phrases and that’s not for restoring Wallets purposes. Very bad.

Thanks for letting us know. There were many fake daedelous apps over the years on Google play, sadly Google doesn’t require the domains to be verified before using them in the app description.

Everyone please report the app here: Sign in - Google Accounts

Here’s the fake app’s package name(paste in the form): com.opensource.cardano


There is no Daedalus app for smartphone, it is 100% a scam, need to let our community know about this.

shame for play store who accepted those fake apps

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Sadly it takes long for them to take action. It works out faster if an official holder of trademark rights like Daedalus Team and Cardano Foundation complain via Form. Complaining users are often ignored

Tha scam app is finally down :+1:

Good for Cardano. It has been ranked even before Yoroi after all attention it got :smiley: well done :+1:

Very helpful thnks)

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I’m new to crypto. Installed this app just a couple of days ago. Thankfully didn’t use it yet, and it’s just been automatically uninstalled from my phone. Close call

I could not see it. Damn this is horrible. Need a full directory of what is legitimate- maybe a new pool for a bright person or people :thinking:

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mr c.hoskinson must have a word with google that without verification by cardano nothing can be ad @ playstore with the words cardano in it,trademark rules set cardano must be look after @ google & ada staff.everytime something pops up @ playstore​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::rage:.
so a kind of 5 year old can put up a wallet of cardano in playstore nobody checks this🤔


It’s explicitly allowed by Cardano Foundation (Zug, Switzerland) that the logo can be used w/o alteration. Means, any kind of Product you create eg print the Logo on a T-Shirt etc. Is all fine. All they ask for is:

  • Kindly ensure to add the registered trademark symbol (®) at the top right corner of the logo.
    The Combinations of the words Cardano ADA may lead to confusion. This not allowed as it claims to be something official from Cardano.

In this particular case, the App used the Logo of Daedalus, claimed to be developed by Cardano, linked to Official websites and official support w/ the only purpose to collect wallet data.

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Then it’s time for some policy changes, at least when it comes to “commercial” services

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Yes, George 100%

This what I got sogar from the Foundation:

With regards to the logo:

  • You can of course use our standalone logo without alterations. You may find your options here (please read the ‘readme’ doc first).
  • Kindly ensure to add the registered trademark symbol (®) at the top right corner of the logo.
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