WARNING: A fake #Daedalus app is back on the Google Play Store. There is no mobile app for Daedalus. Anyone who uses this app will have their ADA stolen

do not install the Daedalus app from play store, it’s a fake one!
Daedalus is a full node and can’t work on a phone!

Stai safe!


More than thousand downloads. Now it was be deleted from CH play.

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I guess the scammers inflated those numbers and the reviews for the app to look more realistic.

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Yes, I think so.

Hey guys,
I got scammed by the Daedalus mobile app and lost all my ADA. Is there any class action lawsuit against the Google Play Store for having this fake app on their platform?

Hi Tony!
I am sorry to hear about your ADA. Be careful with any wallet app/web/browser extension before you type in your wallet seed phrase.
I never heard any lawsuit.