Fake Wallet [URGENT]!

I just saw a tweet that said that there is fake Daedalus Wallet in Playstore. After I check there is one Daedalus Wallet.
Kindly Check and Confirm and if this is not legit. Please take down this immidiately.
It will ruin Cardano Reputation.
Here’s the screen capture.


All we can do is to give negative feedback
It was reported many times before.

Stay safe and ur ADA will be safe!


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And Google didn’t take it out? How come?

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Google does a lousy job keeping Google Play clean and honest, sadly.

How on earth did it get over 1000 good reviews already?

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Bots controlled by the scammers.

Ah that old game.

I did find that besides writing bad review you can submit a report here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/contact/takedown. I have submitted 2 reports.

You have to provide package name and link:

Package name: com.adaCardano.daedaluswallet

Package: com.tou.cardadnoapp

Hi everybody, looks like Google Play has removed the wallet, lets hops so. UPDATE on the fake Daedulas wallet on Google Play - #2 by arafalo2


Why oh why on earth would anyone download either the Daedalus or Yoroi when both can be downloaded from the Cardano Home website?

It’s terrible that these fake apps are going to pop up but people must take more responsibility for their own action. This may sound harsh, but sometimes you need to he cruel to be kind.

Ask hundreds of people who downloaded! Not all people have a proper education in crypto…

Looks like they already take down.
Thanks guys…