Was delegated, 4 letter ticker symbol now [unknown]

I was delegating my wallet, my gf and my stash of cardano, in two different pools. She is in [ST3AK] and I am in a seperate one. Now in the delegation center hers says UNDELEGATED -> [ST3AK] and mine now says UNDELEGATED -> [unknown]. When I hover over it it still says “from epoch 210”. If i act like i’m going to redelegate the drop down has my gfs wallet clearly delegated, and my isn’t…

is this an error? am i still delegated? did I waste all this time waiting and get booted off a pool?

A pool can’t “boot you off” even if they are oversubscribed (over-saturated).
The good news here is that you did not loose your delegation and you really don’t have to do anything.
The not so great news, is that this is a user interface bug in Daedalus and should get corrected today/tomorrow. Daedalus has a bug where it’s not correctly showing all pools and sometimes at random.

Again, your ADA remains delegated correctly and you don’t have to do anything. This will sort itself out on the UI with the new release.

With that said, sometimes this happens because pools are changing parameters. For example some pools “promised” a very high pledge amount to attract delegators and now that they have them, they are changing their parameters (which is allowed) and going down to a very low pledge, or increasing their fees. This requires them to update their metadata and that likely has “tickled” this bug for you on these pools. I am not saying that is the case here, but please do be aware of this. You can check the latest fees/pledge for the pools you delegated to on pooltool.io or adapools.org

Finally, please consider staking with us at CPX
We have good pledge and a great fee structure that we know we can sustain for years to come, i.e, we won’t change it!

Hope this helps.

appreciate the quick response, thank you!

I saw they are still up on ADApools.org with over 100 delegators and 15m staked. So im doubting they just vanished. I cant wait to start participating, and good luck with your pool! ill keep an eye out once I learn more and get some experince under my belt

they actually replied to an email within an hour, and they believe its the same bug, problem solved, thanks.

Precisely. Everyone is experiencing the same issue. Unfortunately some more than others due to the issue I described about some pools making some changes and ultimately tickling the issue. Again, to be clear that note wasn’t to bash anyone … just want to make sure people are aware that pools can make those kinds of changes. Your delegation has certainly not disappeared :slight_smile: and it’s just a UI problem that will get addressed (as per Charles) either today or tomorrow.

Also sounds like you’re in good hands with your pool operators. Happy staking :smiley:


FYI. New version of Daedalus was just released.

got it! and everything was figure out, staking away!

Glad you got it resolved