Latest Daedalus Question

In the latest Daedalus update, under the DELEGATION CENTER there are 3 boxes showing the pool you are delegating to under NOW, 245, and 246 headings.

I assume this shows a little history of who you were delegating and the 244 & 245 are epochs.

But why, when you hover over the boxes with the pool name does a REDELEGATE tab pop up?


This new interface’s intention is to make the user aware of the fact, that his/her delegation will be effective two epochs in the future. The “redegelage” bar is just idicating what will happen when you click those boxes, as there is no dedicated button for delegation anymore.


Thanks Hans. Yes not the clearest of UI’s. The REDELEGATE made me think I had undelgated somehow.

I’m still waiting for the ability to delegate to multiple pools within one wallet.

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Actually, I think the UI become a little bit clearer. Maybe one could add a button “chage delegation” instead of the bar when hovering over the boxes.