Delegating In Daedalus

New here so not sure where tp post.
When you delegate it says Now - 290 - 291 (which shows the pool I chose) but underneath it says re-delegate. Am I not delegated.
How can I tell my Cardano is delegated.

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Check one of the daedalus address (receive section) on → total stake
U should be able to see to which pool u delegated (but I am sure u can find the info on daedalus also)

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Hi @Greym , welcome to Cardano Forum.

I think your wallet is already delegated to some stake pool. You will see re-delegate button anyway when you are already delegate once. If you click it, that means you want to move from one stake pool to another stake pool. Just use it, if you are not happy anymore with your current stake pool or if you think another stake pool is better for you.

Hope it answers your question. Have a nice weekend! :coffee:

Thank you for the help I think I am starting to understand it.

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