Stake Pool ranking issues and Slider ranking mechanism

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3 Questions…

  1. I’ve noticed after delegating to a number 1 ranked Pool, the next day it’s ranking is at 700. Keeps happening as I’ve re-delegated hoping to find a higher ranked pool, only to have it plummet next day. Any advice?

  2. After delegating successfully, status shows as “undelegated” within the delegation center. Why?

  3. The slider mechanism on the Stake Pool page within Daedalus goes from delegating 10 ADA, to millions, with little option in between. And sliding the bar left to fully right, doesn’t seem to change the order of ranking.

Thank you in advance for any help with this!


The order is random at present, it will only become meanful when pools start producing blocks. Delegation can be “set” at any time but only becomes effective at the start of an epoch. Don’t really know about the slider, but like the ranking, I wouldn’t pay it any attention for now.

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Thank you RobJF… Looks like patience is paramount:)

Appreciate the lightning quick response. thank you


As RobJF notes, the order is fairly “random” at the moment. In fact it tends to favor newer pools regardless of stats. The order will mean something in perhaps a few weeks … once performance metrics are actually useful. For now, I would say it’s a good idea to visit either or and use their filters to find a pool that matches criteria you’re comfortable with. Like Fees, Margin % and Pledge. Another thing to consider is if the pool is already close to saturation.

I’ve seen a lot of people delegate to CPX and then undelegate because of exactly this and this to no fault of the pool performance. It’s just Daedalus randomizing to give different pools a chance. In fact, today it actually prefers newer pools to be ranked higher.

My 2 cents…

  • CPX

Thank you Ahmad_Alkilani. Great info.

worth at least 2 cents… :slight_smile:

Be careful with jumping from pool to pool. If you jump from one pool to another during an epoch transition, you might have missed the epoch transition snapshot for the new pool. Consequently, your delegated stake to the new pool will be available during next epoch (delegated epoch + 1). This delay means your new pool rewards will be available 2 epochs later (epoch delegated + 2).

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Not sure exactly what you’re thinking here, but you should never miss out on rewards just by shifting delegation between pools. You might get one more epoch with pool 1 and one less with pool 2 than you expected, that’s all.

Each epoch has a snapshot of delegates taken at the beginning of the epoch. If a delagate is not part of a stake pool delegates for that epoch snapshot, the staker will not get reward from that pool for that epoch…even though the staker may have delegated to a specific pool 2 days into the epoch. It’s not about missing rewards. I’m talking about delaying the reward from tbe new pool. It’s about setting the right expectation of when the reward from the new pool will be available.


WOW. Thank you DAPP360_MIKE. Did not know any of this, I have a lot of studying to do. Thank you.

Yes RobJF. That’s what I thought. That you will stay with whomever you’re delegated to until the end of present Epoch, and the end of the next. So rewards keep flowing without a break. Right?

thank you in advance

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From what I understand blocks produced by pools are recorded in Daedalus now, yet rankings are still random - why is that? Why are metrics such as pledge/cost/margin/blocks produced (not performance) not considered in the ranking distribution?

I have no idea. I believe, ultimately, the ranking will be by “desirability”, a complex(ish) formula, but as to timeline and possible intermediate steps – not a clue! :smile: