Pools ranking in Daedalus in the beginning


Few days ago, I selected one pool, who was 1st. Today I see the pool is in 655 place. Should I replace the pool or just wait untill first rewards?

Pool ranking is irrelevant at present, so wait for staking rewards.

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Pool ranking in Daedalus is not active yet, they are rotating every few minutes.

Regards, MICRO pool


Until there is sufficient data for the statistics, the ordering is indeed random. But it is based on a seed that is constant for each user.

So that means every wallet user will see a different order, but the order will not “jump about” for the same user.

If anyone is into the very deep details the bit of code can be found here: https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-wallet/blob/ac9e1d0b04d901eec6904d5951e81fac50150357/lib/shelley/src/Cardano/Wallet/Shelley/Pools.hs#L225


so it will depend how much ada I have in the wallet?
I also dont understand the slie above, where I can set how much ada I want to stake, currently is not working?

Yes, the main point of the slider is to calculate if the pool get saturated by your amount. I think for now it’s okay to ignore this feature unless you want to delegate a huge amount of ada, and even then you still have the randomised ranking.