Adapools ranking

Does anybody know how adapools get’s their rankings? I only hear people complaining about Daedalus. Adapools ranking is what Yoroi uses. The top 20-30 pools (as far as I’ve observed) haven’t changed over multiple epochs. I saw one pool pop up to near the top for a few days, then mid epoch disappear to the middle. It doesn’t seem to be snapshot based, as this would force subtle to large changes each epoch and wouldn’t allow mid epoch adjustments.

Ranking on Daedalus and Yoroi are the main determinant for where delegation goes, so seems important to make these impartial.

To be fair imo the best solution for that “problem” would be that we dont use any kind of ranking. Just show them in random order and let the people use filters. But thats just my 2 cents to the topic :slight_smile:



Here you can find their algorithm:
However, I have many concerns about the fairness of their ranking. Especially for the closed way they adopted to develop their algorithm. I was censored on their channels for my criticism.


I followed what happened in their channel and that’s not a behaviour I’d like to see in the Cardano community, even worse from someone whos ranking is adopted by an official wallet


Somebody’s private website can rank however they want. Having an IOHK funded wallet powered by this private website is a problem. Daedalus ranking made the 1PCT conglomerate.
I agree, rankings in general are subjective. Give people filters and let them rank/choose themselves.

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I’d love to see some secondary way of ranking which is not so much focussing on the Rewards, more on the Trust/Stability/Mission and maybe Feedback from other users :slight_smile:

Ranking on mission would be hard to make, since it’s a subjective matter.
A suggestion is to start from the single operators group and look through them, or look around here.