Adapools ranking is for sale - corruption within Yoroi

Adapools ranking has long been suspected of being corrupt. They have now confirmed it as such.

You can get a higher rank in Yoroi wallet by paying the owner of Adapools. This should not be tolerated. Uneducated delegates rely on Yoroi ranking. Between the ‘pay for rank’ they just implemented and their ‘bootstrap’ program, one person, the owner of Adapools, is hand selecting where the majority of stake ends up. If you follow their telegram, you will see complaints of suddenly select pool’s information becoming inaccurate - almost always for the worse.

One person has too much power.



I’m curious how Adapools landed the Yoroi partnership to begin with. Is Adapools created by somebody within Yoroi? For the partnership to have lasted so long there has got to be some conflict of interest going on.


Thank you for flagging this @Tom_Stafford


So you saying that under all those banners that take 50% of the screen on mobile devices, the ranking with Cardanians (owners) pool always at the top, is also a paid ranking? :scream:
I hope they put more banners or donation pop ups to distract from that.

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Cardanians pools are somebody else. Adapools runs POOLS and TOOLS. They have not boosted the ratings of their own pools - their pools have consistently had a low rating/score.

Check the footer of adapools, please.

Hi, I’m the developer of Cardano Explorer / Dashboard. I didn’t like how other explorers used pool ranking systems as it promotes centralisation. Our pool table is 100% random and I believe pools should never be ranked other then factually.

Here’s the statement at the bottom of
‘Pools are initially displayed at random; there is no ranking system. We believe that all pools should be given an equal opportunity to be shown in an unbiased way.’

I hope you find as a good alternative.


I stand corrected.

I like your site. Kudos :pray:


Thanks, I appreciate it!

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