Mysterious Pool Ranking

I noticed some weird behavior with the ranking in Daedalus. (shelley testnet)
My pool was ranked 256, then after someone delegated some stake to me, it jumped up to Rank 11. Then the next day it went down to 280.
It has been running fine the whole time. The stake has not changed.
Can anyone suggest reasons why that would happen?
[could it be because I generated new KES keys but didn’t restart the node? - also what happens if you forget to rotate the KES keys? would I see that in pooltool or in Daedalus?]
I’m pretty sure my KES keys did NOT expire however.

UPDATE: I am looking at the Daedalus stake pool page now and I see these pools:

BAADA, RANK 284, , 0 blocks, Pledge 850 ADA, Saturation 0%, Relative Stake 0%
why is it ranking higher than:
ADA POOL: 7 blocks, Pledge 150,000 ADA, Saturation 1.05%, Relative Stake 0%.

I am confused, what is causing BAADA to rank higher in this case?

I think they’re testing aspects and refining a few things and the rank is to be ignored for now, however it may have changed since writing this reply. @willcbanks


oh ok. thanks mate.