Be able to redelegate to the same pool

Helly everybody

I have a wallet that i use to put money as a trustfund for the daughter of a friend.
Had delegated the amount to 1 particular stakepool.
Now we have sent more money into the wallet and ideally wish to delegate to the same pool.
This option is not possible.
Or we have to delegate to anther pool, wait untill after the epoch(S) and then delegate back to the original pool we like.
Obviously we could create yet another wallet to delegate this new amount but doesnt have any sense, since it is one trustfund and therefor should ideally be managed from 1 wallet.
WOuld be great to have the optin in Daedalus to re/delegate to the same pool, with new funds that have entered the wallet.

If you send funds to the same wallet in Daedalus then it is automatically delegated to the same pool. No action required, at least this is how it is today.


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Yes. A message to that extent might be helpful